Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beautiful Bounty

Do you remember the dreaded May day that I planted my tomato plants in the pouring down rain?
Well...I stuck it out because I knew what was waiting for me on the other end. We've been harvesting tomatoes like crazy. It never ceases to amaze me how many tomatoes can come off of just a few plants. I tried a couple new varieties this year...
The Early Girl never ceases to disappoint.
I also got one called Dorothy's favorite. I'm fairly certain that this is a special variety only sold by Al's Garden Center, but had been my favorite this year. Very sweet. It's kind of a spindly plant and I wasn't too excited about the way it looked, but OH THE FRUIT!!! Yummy.
I also got an heirloom tomato this year. I have never tried one before due to our short growing season. They are all turning red and very close to picking, but the rains...they are a-comin. And the rain isn't a friend of the ripening tomato. So, the heirloom is in a race against time.
Now the disappointing one of the season has been the Jet Star. While the tomatoes off this plant are gorgeous....they have been mealy and not very flavorful.
Wow...I didn't start this post to review tomatoes. You never know how they are going to turn out I guess.
Anyway, the point of this post was to share the fruits of my labor with all of you!!!
Now if only I could can them, then I'd really be in business.
If anyone out there is still with me after my eye popping review of tomato varieties??? Anybody?
Well, here's a question for ya...
If you have a glass top stove...has anyone ever rebelled and canned on it anyway? See...I cheat with my pickles and just boil the brine, but I can't get away with that and tomatoes. I have them coming out my ears. I'd love to be able to can them.


Kelly said...

The stove in this house is a glass top and I canned on it this year. I didn't know you weren't supposed to. It didn't do anything to it though.
Totally jealous of your tomatoes. All of them. We didn't have time to get a garden in when we moved so we don't have any. Although we have some nice people at church who have been kind enough to share from time to time. :)

Mrs. Silva said...

You know what really sucks. I live in the perfect place for a vegitable garden, but I can't have one because I live in an apartment, and I can't do all that want.
I am very jealous.

MyOhMy said...