Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Want Some Grits"

My little boy is the only kid I know that lives in the Northwest and loves grits. He really loves them. This is not just a passing phase either. At least a year ago, we started ordering them for him at Bob's Red Mill. It was love at first bite.
We go there quite a bit throughout the year and everytime, he looks forward to the waterwheel and the grits. The last time we were there, they RAN OUT of grits. Come on do you run out of grits when you are a "whole grain store". So we ordered him fried grits instead...he loved them too.
Someone at our church is a gleaner, (I think it's a group for people that are low income) and every once in awhile there will be food sitting on the pew by the front door (for anyone to take). Well one Sunday there was a bag of grits that Grammy Clay saved for Wyatt.
We got through that bag and last week, I had to buy some more.
I'm thinking grits are here to stay!!!


Mrs. Silva said...

Mmm... I am right there with Wyatt. I LOVE grits. And now I am craving them... I love the picture of him with the bowl up to his mouth!

Kelly said...

I love grits. Mike eats them just about every morning too. I like that Wyatt has his face shoved in the bowl to get every last bit. :)

April said...

Another grits fan, here! I love mine with a little bit of sugar and milk ... mmmmm!!
Great, now I gotta add them to my shopping list!

Dana said...

Love the face shoved into the bowl! Too cute!