Monday, October 13, 2008

A Fun Video From Yahoo

Some of you may have seen this on yahoo over the weekend.
It cracked me up and was worth sharing

I always love to hear stories of creative proposals and her face was priceless.
Just priceless.
How bout some stories now...
how did your hubby propose to you?
If you're a did you propose to your wife?

I'll share mine in the comments.


MyOhMy said...

That is cute!

Our proposal was probably only romantic to me, but I will share...
It was Christmas Eve and we drove many hours to California to spend the Holiday with 'his' parents and when we arrive, everyone was in bed... we were still jazzed about the trip so we took a walk (because it's CALi and the weather is gorgous at Christmas time), once we returned from the walk to his childhood home we sat on a planter in the frontyard and under the bright moon light he got on one knee and "asked". I said yes - it was sweet.
Now, every year on Christmas EVE we take a romantic walk and talk about that day - how he had secretly asked my dad first, how he went with his Sis to buy the ring, how he was nervous during the whole drive to his parents home and how we surprised everyone the next morning by saying loudly(as I opened a gold bracelet that he wrapped up for me) "wow, this is going to go perfectly with the ENGAGEMENT RING you gave me last night" (commense the screaming mother-in-law)

Now I want to hear your proposal story :)

Jackie said...

We only dated for a total of 2-1/2 months before my husband proposed. After two weeks I knew he was the one and after a month we started talking about marriage. One evening (Jan. 15th)he took me to "his" folks house to talk. His parents talked with us awhile about our plans for marriage and our wedding and then prayed with us. One of the topics discussed was waiting as his brother had also gotten engaged and his folks wanted to be able to help us with our wedding plans too.
After praying his folks dissappeared into their bedroom and he got on his knee and asked me to marry him. I was so confused because we had just talked about waiting and here he was with my beautiful princess cut platinum engagement ring, that I asked, "are you sure?"
So here we are almost 8 years later and he most definately was sure!