Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Potty Training...Finally...Sort Of.

I have been pretty stand offish on the whole potty training thang.
Sometimes it's just easier to change a diaper than to be consistent with asking a 2 year old incessantly if they have to go to the bathroom.
It's inevitable though. It must be done.
I've just started introducing it.
And much to both of our delight and surprise...he's doing very well.
We bought him PullUps and are trying to call them "big boy underwear".
Last Thursday, the I put him on his little potty chair and he went....HE WENT!! The first time.
When I started cheering, his little face lit up and he was so proud of himself. He called daddy and told him.
He went twice that day for me, once for daddy, and once for Babu and Papa on Sunday.
So, we're just going slowly but surely for right now.
One of these weekends though, we are going to set aside some time and really concentrate on potty training.
Anyway, I don't have anything that I write in anymore except for this, so....sorry if this is gross for some of you.
This is how I'm keeping my records!!

I'm so proud of my little guy.


April said...

Yay!!! Congrats to little man Wyatt!!! Such an exciting milestone!

Kelly said...

Good job to both of you!

Dana said...

Way to go Wyatt! Very very exciting!!