Thursday, September 23, 2010

Subway Art T-Shirts

This project was inspired by a blog post by Destri from The Mother Huddle.
She is doing a series of blog posts called Boutique Style for Less.
In this particular project you take a T-shirt and paint/write adjectives that best describe your kids and their personalities. It was fun and insightful to come up with positive adjectives that describe both of my kids. Ryan asked me if we get to do a negative one too...
Anyway, so I went to Wal-Mart and picked up 2 white long sleeved shirts. Wyatt's was $4 and Allegra's was $3.50. Then I swung by JoAnns for some black and white fabric paint (1.79 ea) and paint brushes($1.99). (I didn't end up using the paint brushes I bought, my MAC makeup brushes worked much better).
I had the 2 different sizes of permanent markers already.

The white paint turned out to be much needed. I accidentally dropped the paintbrush with black paint on Wyatt's shirt, AND I misspelled intelligent on Allegra's...why did it have to be that word? The white acted as whiteout. You can't tell from far away, or if you don't know to look. The white was a lifesaver.
I wanted to incorporate big brother/little sister into these shirts. Wyatt had a big brother shirt when Allegra was born, but Allegra has never had a little sister shirt.
So, here is my version of the Subway Art T-Shirts:

Thanks to Destri for such a fun project!!