Sunday, May 30, 2010

He Loves Her

When we first brought Allegra home from the hospital, Wyatt was smitten. He kissed her and shared all kinds of his special treasures with her. But somewhere in the newness of it all, that wore off. We would try to get him to say hi to her or kiss her or hold her, but he would just ignore her and flat out pretend that she wasn't there.
Now, six months later, Allegra has been smiling and laughing and connecting with us all more and more every day. Wyatt has discovered that he can make her smile and laugh. She loves him. She has always stared at him, has always loved him. But now, they are making that connection.
I have been sitting and quietly relishing sweet moments between them. Wishing that I could grab the video camera and preserve it forever, but knowing that it would ruin the moment. So I just sit and enjoy it.
Tonight, we were at Ryan's parents house. Everyone was somewhere else. It was just the kids and I and Auntie Lisa. Wyatt wanted to play in the "pack n' play" with Allegra, so I put both of them in there and sat and watched him make her smile and look at her with adoration and love in his eyes and say, "I love you sissalou" over and over again. Then, he asked me to take their picture. (he rarely ever asks me to take his picture) AND THEN, he actually smiled.
This was a precious moment that I hope to always hold in my heart...