Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whoops...What Color is My Hair Again?

I'm gonna tell on myself right now.

Today, we went to the zoo with our friends, Jackie, Luke and Natalie. I am very uncomfortable driving over to any part of the west side of town, because I NEVER do. So, I google mapped the directions and away we went. It was going very well, till I over thought it and ended up taking the wrong exit, (instead of merging on to US26, I took the 12th exit) ended up right smack in the middle of downtown and had no idea how to get back to the freeway. It was at this moment, I discovered that my bluetooth headset's battery was dead. So I had to call Ryan on the speaker phone and have him navigate me back to the freeway. So I told him where I was, turned onto Broadway and hit a very bad traffic jam in the right hand lane. I mean, things were just not moving. Ryan had told me that I was going to be taking a right up ahead, so I wanted to stay in the right hand lane. So, I continued to sit in this traffic jam looking up ahead...back to back traffic as far as the eye could see. I couldn't figure out why traffic was flowing so smoothly in the lanes beside me. I was telling Ryan, "I'm in a standstill".
And THEN I happened to look at the ground under the car ahead of me. What were those notches up there? Uh Oh...I looked at the drivers seat...WHAT? No one in it? "Oh man", I said to Ryan, "I've been sitting in front of a string of parked cars".
What an embarrassing thing to admit.
But, I was so befuddled about taking the wrong exit, and then the bluetooth not working, all while trying to navigate around a city that I will never be comfortable driving in.
All's well that ends well though, I made it to the zoo...we had a great time in the cool, crisp sunny fresh air.

Thanks Jackie, thanks for calling and pulling me out of my cave!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Playing Catch Up!!!

If you haven't given up on me altogether...hi there!
I intend on doing some catch up posts on here, very soon.
I realize that I waste waaayyy too much time playing online games on Facebook. Here's my excuse for that...there is really not very much that you can do with one hand...and the baby girl likes to be HELD. In fact I JUST put her in her crib 1 1/2 min ago...asleep...and she is now awake screaming for me to pick her up and let her sleep in my arms. sheesh. I am going to try an experiment...
put her in the snuggli and try to type around her...

Ok...I'm back.

Officially wearing one baby and drinking one VERY strong cup of yummy coffee.
Hey...this could work.

The past couple of months are a big blur.
So, off the top of my head, this is a few posts that I really want to make their way to the blog ASAP.

* Allegra's Birth
*Wyatt's First Ski Trip
*Brother and Sister
*Christmas Re-Cap
*Wyatt's 4th Birthday
*Happy New Year

Haha...So I'm not behind or anything.

(snuggli update: she has continued to scream, i'm not sure if this bright idea is going to work, and now Wyatt is up from his nap. Probably due to the screaming of one 'sweet baby girl'. It's a darn good thing I made that coffee)

So here is an update from the "here and now". It's been just a hair over a year since I fell in the snow and dislocated my kneecap. Man, childbirth has nothing on that pain. (they give you the good drugs when you have a baby)
Yesterday, I waited for both kids to be napping to take my shower. Well, Wyatt was napping and Allegra woke up the second I put her in her crib. Anyway, it happened to be at around 3 when all the stars aligned and I was able to FINALLY go take a shower. So, the water was on, and I remembered that my shampoo was next to the sink, so I stepped one foot out of the bathtub and the rest is a little bit fuzzy...but all I know is that the foot that was in the bathtub lost traction and some how I must have "over-corrected" and flew backwards...dislocating my kneecap and hitting my head on the fixed shelf on the way down. All I know is that I ended up flat on my back with the water raining on my face...the shelf that I hit my head on has a 2 inch crack in it and my kneecap had popped back into place by the time the dust had settled. I'm so glad for that, but I could barely drag myself out of the shower to get the phone to call Ryan. Today, my head is tender, my knee is killing, and I can barely walk again. Ugh...I know it could have been alot worse, but it feels like last year, all over again.

Anyway, here's to hoping that I can figure out a creative way to be able to use both hands again...but in the meantime, I have a Multi-million dollar farm, a very successful restaurant named McFatt's, and 2 thriving fish tanks to show for myself on facebook.