Thursday, October 30, 2008

True Conservatives Unite!!

Ok, I'm gonna do it.
I'm gonna take my family blog and put something out here.

I truly believe that Obama is a not who everyone may think he is.

Amongst other reasons, this is first and foremost:

I heard this on a very well known talk show last week. Even though the media is slanted, I can't believe this isn't even a little bit out of the bag. They are sure keeping a tight lip about this one.

Berg vs. Obama (yep that's right Obama is being sued)
Let me give you some of Philip J. Berg's credentials first. Here is a quote I found on a website... "Berg, who served as Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania for eight years, ran twice for governor in 1990 and 1998 and once for the U.S. Senate in 1994, was former chair of the Democratic Party in Montgomery (PA) County and a former member of the Democratic State Committee,..." (from this site)
So, Philip J. Berg (stauch democrat) has filed a lawsuit against Obama based on evidence he has collected, that he is not a natural born citizen. This evidence includes, but is not limited to proof of forged documents and an audio clip of his paternal grandmother calling her family member to say that Obama was born in Kenya. The crazy thing is that Obama hasn't disputed the charges. If these allegations are true, Obama is constitutionally ineligible to be president of the United States of America.

This is not a crackpot republican trying to pull some last strings to slip Obama up. I would probably disagree with most everything that Philip J. Berg stands for. But this is his attempt to hold up the constitution. It looks like he's coming up against many roadblocks.

I'm just passing on the information to my few readers, because it's awful that the liberal media doesn't present both sides of the story. If this was the other way around, it would have been smeared all over the place.
If you want to hear the same interview that I heard, here is a link.

All I will say is choose wisely my friends.
Romans 16: 17-20

I haven't totally decided who I'm voting for. Here in Oregon, the presidential vote doesn't really count, unless you're voting for Obama.
I'm considering a vote for the constitutional party candidate, Chuck Baldwin.
He's in your voter's guide.
He stands for everything that I want in a president.

I know that it is our American right to vote for who we want to.
I wouldn't have done this post if I thought that we were being given all of the information.

In composing this post, I have tried to be as respectful as I can be. So if you have a comment, please do the same for me and the rest of my readers.


Jackie said...

Thanks for the info. How Elizabeth Hassleback sits on The View everyday and debates with very outspoken liberals is impressive to me. Next Tuesday will be lifechanging either way!

Dana said...

Wow I didn't know any of that info. Thanks for sharing that ( I definitely WAS NOT going to vote for him anyway). I am truly scared of this man getting into office as our president.

By the way it was good seeing you last night, briefly! Wyatt was such an adorable little turtle! I vote on Mom's night out very very soon!

Kelly said...

Okay I've tried reading this several times but always with a little boy over my shoulder so I don't get too far. I'm glad you posted it though. I think we shy away from the "real stuff" on blogs sometimes so bravo friend!
I laughed at Jackie's comment about Elisabeth on The View. They're so mean to her but she holds her own quite well I think. I just wish they could see how hypocritical they are!
Anyway, back to Senator Obama. The only thing that comforts me about that man possibly becoming President is that God is in control and will put him there for a reason, if that's what happens. It's kind of scary to think about him being our leader but reassuring to know it's beyond us!

Emily said...

Hey, Emily! It's so great to find you out there. It's insane how many of Elly's naptimes I've used jumping from blog to blog. It's been fun to catch up on your little family. This post is right on. I can't tell you how frustrated I get with our slanted liberal media... and how many people buy it hoook, line, and sinker! Great post, great blog!