Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Street View"

Have you ever looked up google "street view" and found your house?
Well, I have.
I've also found other people's houses. It can be very interesting.
For instance...
This is our house on street view.

But more importantly, I looked up the "little house" on street view the other day. It is a fabulous "before" representation of the house.

There's that "cousin eddie" motor home. Don't forget the Christmas lights and dried up wreath. That, by the way, Ryan ripped off the first day we took possesion. Oh ya, and did I mention that this picture is well over a year old. So, the dried up wreath wasn't from this last Christmas, but from a Christmas of yesteryear.

This is a picture that I took a couple of weeks ago for our Craigslist ad.

And this is a picture that I took today. We had some of our wonderful family come over today and help us paint the house. They worked tirelessly all day long and the results were impressive. We had quite the crew today...Ryan's parents (Becky and Ray),my dad, Grammy Clay, Lisa, Jared, Cresslyn & Doug (thankyou so much Lynnann). My mom watched Wyatt all day and we were able to get a major portion of it finished.
We are expecting another day of really good weather tomorrow so, after church, Ryan and I will go and work on it some more.

Thanks so much to our family for helping us so much during this very stressful time!


andrea said...

Wow! You guys have done a fantastic job on that house. Watch out TLC! I am sure those neighbors appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

Kelly said...

Oh my word Emily! The difference is incredible! Wow! I can see why the neighbors are happy to have you around. I hope someone snatches it up soon!

Dana said...

The house is looking awesome! You guys have done such a great job on it! And LOVE the cousin Eddy motor home....classic!

Yeah Bauman farms was pretty cool, well from what we got to see. Our trip was short lived. We need to plan a day to get together soon!