Sunday, December 28, 2008

I Can't Believe He's 3!

3 years ago right now, I was in the process of having this sweet, mischevious, loving, obstinate little boy.
He has an undeniable light in his eyes and the best laugh EVER!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Update

Here in these parts of Oregon, we have reached about 3 feet of snow and there is more in the forecast. We will definitely be having a white Christmas. No questions. Our Subaru is completely under the snow, our deck is nearly unrecognizable and the snow drifts are nearly to the top of our picket fence out back. This unlikely Oregon weather has broken all of the records. This crazy weather has made Ryan and I realize that we could easily live in a community where its like this all winter. It just makes me so happy. Regardless of my current gimpy state and the reasons behind it. Just looking out at this insane snow, makes me so happy. I know to most of my friends that makes me sound totally mental (April, Jackie, Dana...) After living in California for a short stint, I have come to really dislike the rain. I much prefer this snowy weather to a rainy day...any day.
I only wish that I could go out and play in it!
The only thing that will make this weather drain on me, is losing our electricity. The lights have been flickering all day. I think it's only a matter of time before one of the ice covered trees falls on a power line and goes the power.
There has been talk of the possibilities of postponing Christmas celebrations, nothing set in stone yet.
Not sure what the future holds, but all I know is this...
I love the snow!!!

Saturday Snow Fun...

...pre knee dislocation.
After telling Ryan how much fun we had up at our little neighborhood park on Thursday, we took Wyatt up to the park on Saturday morning. Since we both went, I was able to take my camera.
We had so much fun once again. It wasn't snowing as hard as it was before, but he still went very fast down the slide with his snow pants on. Ryan even had some fun hanging on the monkey bars and going down the slide too. And then when we got back from the park our neighbor let us borrow her sled and Ryan and Wyatt went down our driveway a couple of times. Wyatt wasn't as crazy about this as I thought he would be. It took some convincing to get him on there, but after he was on, it was all smiles.

Ham Anybody?

This is another short edition of "Wyatt Says":

Saturday morning Wyatt came into our bedroom before we got up. Ryan and I were just lounging around and Wyatt was on the floor playing. I heard him saying something to Gertie (our pug), and so I listened up. He was saying:
W: "smell the shirt, Gertie, smell it."

Me: "what does mommy's shirt smell like buddy?"

W: "Ham"

I have absolutely no idea where that came from, we haven't had ham in ages and I'm fairly certain that I don't smell like ham.

Ryan and I were rolling!

Kids say the darndest things.

What do you have for lunch?

A few days ago, I couldn't help but take a picture of this lovely little sammy. I have been really trying to make myself lunch lately instead of snacking through lunch and being famished for dinner. Making myself lunch is better for everyone involved since I tend to get snarly if I haven't eaten in awhile.
This little creation is made with Bob's Red Mill's Whole Wheat Potato Flax bread, rotisserie chicken lunch meat, olive oil mayonnaise (my new favorite, it has half the fat of regular but the same consistency of the regular fattening stuff), stone ground mustard, colby cheese, and a buttload (technical measurement) of pepperoncinis.
I throw all of this in a pan with a layer of olive oil, heat it all the way through and melt the cheese.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boo Hoo...I gotta boo boo... *Edited*

*my mom took this picture with her cell phone right before we left the hospital...Pretty forlorn if you ask me!! (disclaimer, this photo has not been airbrushed, I'm keepin it real today)

(disclaimer) I am on some pretty heavy muscle relaxers so this post should be interesting!

Ryan, Wyatt and I spent the morning playing out in the snow. Other than falling flat on my butt, sparing only my camera, it went without incident. I got right back up and went on my way with a snow covered bottom and some bruised pride!! This is credited to my beloved Uggs that keep my feet dry and warm but have positively no good traction.
Wyatt and I took Ryan up to the park to go down the slide again. We had a great time and since Ryan was with me, I was able to bring my camera and get some great shots of playing in the playground. (they won't be added for awhile)
We went back home, had some lunch, tidied up the house and decided to come in to Clackamas to drop Wyatt off at Babu and Papa's house. We had high hopes to finish our Christmas shopping.
I hopped out of the Tahoe at Becky and Ray's and turned around to go get Wyatt out of his carseat. At this point I'm not positive what happened, but I think I slid off the curb and twisted my knee...resulting in a dislocated knee. (Thanks again to my Uggs) Not to be gross, but if you looked at where my knee cap should have been it was completely twisted to the side. Talk about pain. Ryan called 911 and after what seemed to be an eternity (about 5 min) the firetruck showed up. We waited a little longer for the ambulance. My leg was stuck in a bent position and it took a small army to get me moved into the ambulance with minimal moving of my knee. I had to transport in a bent position, and despite pillows and paper towel rolls for propping, I still felt like I was holding my leg up for the entire ride from Clackamas to Gresham (Legacy Mount Hood). They had a hard time getting an IV in me (like usual) and the firefighter just finally gave up. But, the paramedic that I had, had 30 yrs of experience in the field and got it in first try. I can always appreciate that because no matter what, it's always a huge ordeal for me to get an IV.
Anyway, the pain was excruciating. Worse than when I had Wyatt. With Wyatt I had an epidural. I kept teasingly asking them if I could please get one of those wonderful epidurals! They said no.
poop heads.
No, really. Everyone was really nice and helpful. I don't remember ever being in so much pain when the doctor grinded and popped it back into place, I screamed. It wasn't a lady like oooohhh ouchie scream. It was gutteral and haunting.
I kept thinking on the ambulance ride over, that it could have been so much worse. Sometimes when things like this happen, I wonder what worse fate this protected me from. Oh ya, I was also thinking, why me and why now...when we've had such a fun day.
I was also really concerned about my camera and computer. And the eggs that I had bought for Becky at Safeway on the way in. I had had them in my hand and they got dropped on the ground when I fell. Apparently we were 7 for 12. Not bad!
But I'll tell you what...
Mama's going shopping soon...
My list: snow boots with monster tread
and a new pair of gap jeans. (whaaaaaa they had to cut me out of my favorite fair) (they wanted to cut the Uggs but I told them no, I could bear through the pain of them just taking those off)
Ah, the things us girls do for fashion.

Anyway, they were a little concerned about some extra swelling, so they want me to follow up with an ortopedist and possibly get an MRI. I have a giant brace on and am scared to move. The pain is bearable now, but Ryan is out getting me my Perkaset. Just in case. I'm just sitting over at my mother and father in-law's house trying to relax.
We came over here to get out of the house....but looks like I'm housebound no matter what.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow n' Swides

There is so much that I'm behind on that I want to blog on. So much, that I'm getting ready to just forget about it all, wipe the slate clean and call it good.
I've been trying to figure out where I'm going to find the time to catch up on all of this. Well, maybe if we have an ice storm this weekend, I might get it done.
It's been snowing like crazy around here. It started on Sunday and was extremely cold (low 20's)! We tried to take Wyatt outside to play then, but it was just too picking cold. Hurt your face cold...brrrr
*Side note* Ryan told me that they are calling it "global cooling" now. (oh brother)
Well we have about 6 inches right now as I write this. Thursday morning, I took Wyatt outside to play. We live on a private drive that we share with 4 other houses, so I took him up to the end of the driveway and we played on the level part. He had a big time running around, purposely falling, making snow angels, jumping and then looking at his foot prints...the list goes on. So, then I let the dogs out of the house and they ran around and entertained us for awhile. When they got tired, (harley laid down in the snow) Wyatt wasn't ready to go in yet. So, I told him that we could walk down and get the mail. To which he replied, "want to go to da park an go down the swide?" I thought, what the heck? Really, it was like a built in sled. This was the highlight of the morning, he literally went down that slide about 50 times. With the ever replenished snow, and the snow pants, he flew down that slide. It was so much fun.
I debated bringing my camera, and its times like this when I really wish I had a little pocket camera instead of my DSLR...well I don't wish for that instead, I guess I wish for both! Mix and match. I just hate the delay time that comes with most point and shoot cameras, delay time makes me positively nutty. Anyway, I knew that if I took my camera, I wouldn't get to play with Wyatt so it was a pretty easy decision. For the sake of disclosure, I airbrushed some dark circles and enormous bags from underneath my eyes, I just couldn't bear to post the sooc(straight out of the camera)picture on my blog, it scared me. I love photoshop!!!

I was able to snap this picture before we went out, please don't mind the pained look on my face...I was holding up my camera and it had the flash attached to I was really trying to take the picture and not drop the camera.
Anyway, it was a great morning. He'll only be little once and won't want to play with mommy forever. I really cherished this time with my baby boy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Christmas List **Edited**

This is exactly what it means...
it's my Christmas friend April put her list on her blog and I found it interesting to see what she was wishing for.
So, here is my list:

Rachael Ray's Big Orange Book - (can be found at Costco)

NIV/Message Parallel Bible (Leather or fake leather) I suppose I'm a Bible snob.
Pink by Victoria Secret

Silicone Basting Brush

Fiestaware Sets (I like Orange, Red, Green, White...could mix and match) (Can be found at Macy's for 40% off right now)
**April commented with a fiestaware giveaway. I love this stuff...I have 4 sets already but we are always running out and have to use the yucky plates.
So go on over to Ravings of a Mad Housewife and enter the contest for 4 sets of these lovely dishes!**

Camelbak Water Bottle (with straw)

Nikkor 50 mm 1.8 lens

Ryan just e-mailed me and asked me to send him my list. Last year, he surprised me with a pair of Uggs. This was the best surprise gift that I've ever gotten. So babe, I know you've got something up your sleeve this year. This is just what I can think of that I would like. But I'm not itching for any of these things in particular, well except for that basting brush I'm tired of using the paintbrush it keeps dropping its little hairs on our food.
Anyway, a couple of other people (my mom, his mom) have asked me what I would like for Christmas, so there you have it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Knitting Fool

I go through phases all the time. The last couple of days I've been knitting like crazy. I go through this phase every couple of years. My most popular item to knit are dish cloths. Many people love them and request them from time to time. They are so easy too, because you don't have to cast on or cast off.
But recently, I found this website with video tutorials on how to knit. I took 4-h classes when I was a little girl and the basic knit stitch always stuck with me. I've always wanted to know how to do more, but when I look at those beginner books for knitting my eyes glaze over.
These video tutorials are very simple and easy to understand.
So, if you've always wanted to learn how to knit, this website is highly recommended.
The videos are less than 2 minutes apiece.
I know I should have a picture of the things I've made so far, but I don't.
Maybe I'll add one later.
And to my family: if you get something that is hand knitted for Christmas, act surprised!