Friday, June 27, 2014

Bidding Goodbye to "The Little House"

I got on the old blog to reminisce...
I thought it would be fitting to do a post on here of the official before and after shots of our little house that I grew to love.
This house was ours because we failed to pray, to listen and to obey.  But God allowed us to have this house and used it for His glory and I am so thankful for it.
While I am not proud of the way that we came to own it, I am proud of this little house.  Proud of the hard work that we put into it, proud to be a part of helping to clean up a cute little street and I will miss it.  I will miss the friendships that were made, my awesome garden with the best dirt a girl with a green thumb could every hope for, the first house that Allegra has ever known...I will miss it.
I never thought I would say that.

Here are the "Before" and "After" photos...they are shocking to me.

This is the outside--the before is the perfect representation because this is a screen shot that I took from Google Street View
This is the Dining/Living Room
Kid's Bedroom
Our Bedroom - (previously referred to as PeptoBismol)
But if we hadn't have moved here, we would have never known our favorite neighbor...Tori

And the bountiful Peach tree

My Tomato Jungle and garden
It was here at this little house where we introduced big brother to little sissy
Yes, this house holds some painful reminders and memories.  The gut punch knock you sort of memories.  But there is lots of good ones mingling with the bad...a mosaic of sorts and when I stand back and look at it, I see lots of beauty in this story.
I love this little house.  Excited for what the future holds.    

Photo Credit: Stephanie Wiarda our neighbor and realtor took our official "after" pictures for the listing.  She was persistent, wise and patient...helping us through 3 failed deals, and eventually getting us to the lesser known "4th time's a charm".  Anyone looking for a realtor in the Portland area?  I highly recommend her.