Saturday, May 31, 2008


So I woke up this morning in anticipation of the beautiful weather that they have been talking about all week. I should have known better after last weekend, when they ("they" refers to the weather forecaster extraordinares of the world) kept showing images of sunshine and promises of 70 degree weather.
Well it's been the same all week again.
So...back to when I woke up...
I got up before "the boys" and looked out the was 7am. It looked a little overcast but still ok, not out of the ordinary for 7am anyway.
I had been planning on having a planting day today, I'd been preparing for it and looking forward to it.
So I went outside and begun the work of planting my tomatoes and jalapenos. Before the first tomato was planted, I was pelted with rain. I managed to get everything planted except for my summer bulbs, but I was looking like a drowned rat from the process.
As I was cleaning off all my tools, Ryan came out with my camera and snapped some pictures of me. What he didn't realize is that I had moved the focal point from the middle to the side, and all of the pictures turned out blurry. Oops...oh well.


Dana & Tyler said...

This weather has been so disappointing. And the forecasters are a joke. We were over in kennewick and it was beautiful sunny and WARM and we came home this after noon to cold and clouds (it was depressing). Sorry your planting day turned out to be wet and cold. Maybe one of these days "summer" will actually show up.

Kelly said...

I'm impressed that you stuck with it and planted anyway. I think I would've headed inside. I must say I am so happy to be back in the dry, sunny desert. :)