Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Here it is!!
Isn't it cute?
I love it.
The best part is that it was such an affordable project. I had never heard of ttv frames, but fell in love with the concept when I saw Kelly's sister, Andrea's blog. I had actually planned on doing the 20x20 ones, but couldn't get it done in my timeframe. Also, Ikea didn't carry the 20x20 frames in the Portland store.
So, I decided against the 20x20 and picked a different wall to put them on.
These are 9x9 pictures. I formatted them to 9x9 but put them in a 12x12 frame, ordered them from costco and cut them out. (thanks for that tip Andrea) So the pictures were only $2.99 apiece for a total of $26.91, gotta love Costco. And the frames are from Ikea, and holy cow, they were only $2.99/2pk for a total of $14.95. And a grand total of $41.86. Pretty good I think.

Here is a closer look at each picture...
This is a pic that I took on our front porch of Wyatt's feet.

This is one of my favorite recent pictures of Wyatt that I took on our trip to Cove Palisades.

This is of Wyatt, seconds after he was born. Look at those eyes...I tell ya, I knew I was in for it when I saw those eyes. He just couldn't wait to take on the world by storm.

This is of a beach trip that we took with my parents this last March. It was very unseasonably warm for a March trip to the Oregon coast. We had a blast.

This is from last week...wait... are you paying attention? This is almost 6 years ago, at, you guessed it....our wedding.

This is a pic of my brother Nate (1 1/2) and me (3)

Another family picture at the beach

This is from last weekend...a camping trip and hike to Horsetail Falls.

This is VBS...Carson and Wyatt.

So, there you have it.
I really need to be working on other things, but I just found myself a tad self conscious about my house. So this makes me feel a little bit better.
What do you think?


April said...

I am sooo jealous!! This looks amazing, Em!!! I love all your pictures, and the frames are so cool! I will probably end up copying you sometime in the future, so be prepared when you come over one day and find your stolen idea on my wall. Can't wait to see the rest of your beautiful house this weekend!!

Jackie said...

OH MY WORD!!! When you said you were working on a project my guess was you were painting your entry and putting up your new vinyl wall saying. I wasn't too far off! LOL!!! I of course love your art. I'm thinkin' that I have a whole plethera of wonderful pics taken by YOU and I just might need to put my little baby's pics up on display for the world to see. Can I borrow Ryan to come over and hang them for me? Ha, ha, ha!!! LOVE IT!

Dana & Tyler said...

Wow Em that turned out beautiful! You are so very creative! I wish I had talent like that! And of course those photos are gorgeous!!

Donna Boucher said...

Your photographs look fantastic!!!!

You did a great job. Will you come to my house and help me?

andrea said...

That looks great Emily! Those TVV frames are fun huh? I love that family pic of you guys at the beach.

Great job :)

Kelly said...

Looks great Em! I did some pictures over the couch last month that I haven't shared yet but I love them. Mine aren't like your's or my sister's but I love how happy it makes our living room. I'm sure you love your's too. Great job!

My Oh My said...

Wow, I have a spot in my entry that has been bugging me for the five years I've lived in this house and I think I know what I will do with it now. I might just have to email you and have you walk me though it. Good work, thanks for sharing! -S

Mrs. Silva said...

wow. I really like this. I love it. I may even try to copy it. My problem is that I have two 16x20 pictures of Karisma that I need to figure out what to do. We had them made for her birthday party. Now I am stuck on what to do!

Sandy said...

Lovely! So clean and classy! Love the look.

Thanks for linking up at RE this week! Don't forget to link back to RE on your blog :)