Thursday, August 7, 2008

Showering Jackie

...or something like that!
So Saturday was the brunch baby shower for Jackie.
Here are a few pictures from Saturday.

The Spread

Now, where did this come from?

The Gals...Note Baby London looking at the cute!!

Baby London (Savannah's Babe)

The Gifts

Opening Gifts

The Cake

The Centerpiece

Me, Jackie and Bonnie

April, Me, Jackie, Bonnie, Betty and Savannah.

It was a fun day...Ryan, Wyatt and I crashed hard after everyone left. I'm not a napper AT ALL. But, I laid down and took an hour and a half long nap. I must have really needed it!!!


Jackie said...

It was beautiful, fun, delicious food and everyone was sooo incredibly generous. Truely, a great day and I'm so thankful Em! Boy, can you tell who likes color in the group picture? Ha, ha, ha!!! No wonder were friends (with great taste, I might add). ; )

April said...

You really know how to throw a party, Em!! Your house was beautiful ... loved all your pictures!! You are a great chef and a wonderful friend!! Thanks for all your hard work and time preparing such a nice shower for Jackie - we all enjoyed it so much!!

Kelly said...

Looks like fun Em! Great job!