Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Me!!!

I have always preferred my hair short.
I also have a phobia of going to a new hairdresser.
The lady that I like moved to Ten Buck Two...Ok, never mind, maybe I moved there... any rate, it would take "forever" to get to her now.
So, back in March, Ryan and I went to an auction for the private school I went to. (I hope I'm not sounding snooty here it's not as glamorous as it might sound)
I don't know what possessed me, maybe the smell of competition. But I bought a haircut for half the price there at the auction. That's all we bought. We spent $20.
I waited until yesterday to use that gift certificate. 4 months.
I'm pretty sure the reason for waiting was my fear that it was some granny that would give me a "chop job".
I was pleasantly surprised, the salon was beautiful. The gal that did my hair young, vibrant and beautiful, not a granny at all. And the best part is, I love the new do.
So, usually I don't post pictures of just me, but I'm excited about this new cut!!



andrea said...

Wow! That is super cute!! Just absoultely adorable!

April said...

SO CUTE, Em!!! I love the new 'do!!

Kelly said...

So super cute Em! I love it! It looks so great on you!

Jackie said...

I always think your hair looks great short . . . but then again it could be that I'm partial to short hair. LOL!!!

Dana & Tyler said...

Love the new cut Em!! It looks great on you!!

Donna Boucher said...

She did a great job!!

You look darling!
Enjoy your fresh new do!

Kimberly said...

Cute! It looks really good!

Carolyn Johnston said...

Everyone is saying that it's 'super cute', so I'm going to say that it's FULL OF AWESOME GREATNESS!!! :) Enjoy it (looks a little familiar too!)