Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pool Party

It was pretty hot here last week...
Wyatt and I were in town for VBS all week anyway, so we went over to Becky and Ray's (Babu and Papa's) to swim in the afternoon.
It was so much fun to cut loose and go swimming.
Becky bought Wyatt this "life saving" contraption....(when I say life saving, I mean it saves my life too cuz I don't have to hold him all the time) He swims all over the pool all by himself and jumps in too. He's becoming quite the little daredevil.
Here are a bunch of pics from our little shindig.

Oh dear...How did this picture get in here.
Someday I will have to do a post about the love that my husband has for our cousin Doug. But for now, this picture makes me smile. Scratch that, it makes me chuckle. They are so silly. I just love 'em.


My Oh My said...

Superman looks like he is SO BRAVE! It looks like you guys had fun. The quality of your pics is awesome - what kind of camera do you prefer?

April said...

Those swim suits are the best ... Maddox has a Spiderman one. He loves the freedom to swim about the pool on his own, and we love not having to hang onto him. Great pictures, Em!!

Dana & Tyler said...

Looks like he had a great time in the pool! I love the little super man suit...very cute! And that last picture cracked me up!

My Oh My said...


What ever your storm, take the time to feel the rain on your face and use it as a reminder that God is THERE. He touches you many times in a storm and don't walk through it without the "thing" he wants you to "get" from it. You are in my thoughts (even though we have never met) it might just be another God thing, we will see where this road leads us. Blessings!

Erik and Mary said...

Hey Emily! I made time tonight to get on the computer ;-) I was checking out your lovely blog and noticed that you have pix of my Lynn Ann and Doug!!! I went to grade school and high school with them! And just saw them a few weekends ago at our reunion! ;-) How do you all know each other? Funny...small world!