Tuesday, July 8, 2008

VBS Update!

We have had some fabulous weather for VBS so far this week!!
Wyatt is in a class by himself with Carson. His teachers are Aunt Da Da (Cresslyn) and Aunt Lisa. These 2 are so cute together. What a pair they make.
I'm having a fun time, not having any real responsibilities. I get to float all over the place and take pictures wherever my heart desires. My only other little job is taking care of the attendance paperwork.
I am also working on a slideshow presentation for the family picnic that we have on Friday.
Seriously, it's quite a drive for Wyatt and I in the morning, and we have to get up at an ungodly hour. (ok that might be a little dramatic...7 am??? The horror) I've had to wake Wyatt up 2 days in a row and just put him in the car with his jammies on.


Dana & Tyler said...

The boys look like they are having so much fun even though its only the two of them in a class together! And you couldn't ask for better weather!

7am?? What I would give to be able to sleep in until then! :) Unfortunately Austin prefers to rise with the sun. Haha! 3 more days to go!

My Oh My said...

VBS is so fun, my kiddos love it. I'm glad the he had fun. I wanted to ask how you made that cool title with the pictures mounted like that... I might need to be walked through it. -S

Emily said...

Its some frames that I bought from a digi scrapbook store.
I did it just like I do my scrapping and brought it into photoshop. And I just put the pictures behind it.
Here is a link to the frames...
I think they are $3.99.
Do you have photoshop?

My Oh My said...


I do not have photoshop? It is on my "need" list, I mean "want" list:) Thank you for sharing your creative ideas. -S

Kelly said...

Carson was looking at these pictures and asked who was playing with Wyatt. When I said his name was Carson, he said "No I'm Carson. What's his real name?"