Monday, June 2, 2008

Hey Let's Talk Bokeh!!!

Bokeh is a photography term.
Here is the definition.
There has been alot of talk of Bokeh on the blogs that I like to frequent. Here and Here
So...I went out in search of this beautiful thing.
Basically it's when you have something in focus and the background is out of focus. The out of focus part is Bokeh...and it has a lovely effect on a photograph.
So, Wyatt fell asleep in the car on Friday afternoon. He doesn't transfer well anymore.
So I left the car doors open, and grabbed my camera. I took the following pictures of some flowers in my front yard, and was really quite pleased with the outcome.

So here is a quick run down of our weekend.
Friday - Went swimming at the gym with Wyatt. (this kid has absolutely no fear, kinda scary for me)
Saturday -
"planting morning"
Spent the rest of the day at Becky and Ray's house helping with their kitchen remodel. Ryan got a good start on a tile backsplash and I posted their old appliances on craigslist for them.
We didn't get home from there till about 11pm.
Wyatt and I did take a little break and meet up with Jackie and Luke at a little park in their neighborhood.
Sunday -
Lunch at Pat and Jackie's house. We had a great time with some good friends. It was such a good idea to do lunch instead of dinner, because we weren't dealing with bedtimes so soon.
Us girls left the boys with the kids and went to Peet's for a caffeinated beverage and some girly browsing around a stationary store.
I dropped Ryan off at Becky and Ray's so he could work on the backsplash some more, and Wyatt and I went to church.
Wyatt had his Aunt Dada all to himself in the nursery. They were having a good old time too...I could faintly hear them playing in the sanctuary.

And last but not least, Ryan's cousin Jennifer had her precious baby girl in Tennessee this morning.
Here's the stats...
10bls on the dot (eek they were right about that, that's a big baby)
21 inches long
Her name is Shaeleigh Maddlyn Phillips (Shae for short)
I do have a picture, I'm sure it doesn't do her justice, because it looks to be a cell phone pic and through the glass of the nursery. The first thing that hit me that child doesn't look like a newborn at all!!!
She is a sweetie, and I can't wait to see some better pictures.

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Dana & Tyler said...

Wow those photos are beautiful!! And you have some gorgeous flowers planted!

What a busy weekend for you guys, sounds like you had a great time though!

And Congrats to Jen on her new baby girl! Wow 10 lbs?? That is a big baby!