Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Once Was Lost, But Now I'm....

...FOUND!!! Last week sometime, Wyatt "lost" his Croc.
We had went to the gym in the afternoon...only to find that the daycare didn't re-open until 4pm.
So, we went back home and I made my salsa and let Wyatt play by himself around the house.
When it came time to go back to the gym, one of his Crocs was no where to be found.
Seriously, I looked for about 45 minutes.
I came home from the gym and looked some more.
I was so frustrated.
Ryan looked when he got home.
You know the old saying..."I looked EVERYWHERE" (but the place it was of course)
So, I swore that I wasn't going to buy him new shoes, we were going to find those dang Crocs.
But, Monday I broke down and bought him a cute new pair of Nike sandals. They were half off, and we have special plans for the weekend.
So this afternoon, I was on the phone with Jackie, complaining about how I still hadn't found the stinkin Croc. I was getting frustrated about it again, so I started pulling the couch cushions apart for the 10th time to no avail. So anyhow, I was talking still, and rounded the corner of the couch. Then the lightbulb moment, (mind you, I'm still complaining that I hadn't found this dumb thing) there is a place in the back of the couch where there are a couple staples missing. Every once in a while we will find some "treasures" tucked behind the fabric of the couch. Sure enough, there was a telltale lump...and wouldn't you know, it was the shape of a Croc.
I started laughing hard, "I found it"!!!
The little stinker.
I had myself convinced that he had thrown it down one of the heat registers, never to be seen again.

On a different sidenote.
Check out this picture I took of the moon last night.
I know it's not that great by any professional standard. But I have always been fascinated with pictures of the moon.
So, I decided to give it a go.


Dana & Tyler said...

That little stinker! At least you found it!

And...The moon was so beautiful last night!
When are you guys leaving for your trip?

Mrs. Silva said...

Oh man I know the frustration! I hate that. Karisma does the exact same thing. She hid disk for my Sims2 game. Then when I found it, she had scratched it all up. So frustrating.

Kelly said...

Maybe that's where all our remotes & Graham's pacifiers are hiding. :)