Tuesday, June 24, 2008

31 Users Online....Really?

So, on my last post, 5 min after posting, my ticker below said that there were 31 of you out there on my little blog at the same time.
Who are you?
That's what I want to know.
Who is reading my blog.
(I wish there was a ticker for that) ha.
I am just wondering if I know you or if you're just visiting out of curiosity.
Let me know, by dropping me a comment.
I love the comments.
It's disappointing for a post to go un-commented on.
Is that weird? Now I'm asking fellow bloggers.
The comments make me feel like I'm not doing this for nothing.
Plus, I love reading what you have to say!!!

Camping pictures will be on here sometime today....hopefully!


April said...

Hey Em! You definitely don't do this for nothing! Like myself, I am sure that your blog is something that you look forward to. I love journaling, and updating my websites. Anyone who wants to check in and enjoy them is an added bonus. I do agree that the comments are great though! It makes me feel so special that someone enjoyed my site! You are doing a great job on here. It makes us feel connected to you in your everyday life, even if we don't get to hang out or for those of your viewers, people who you have never met. You are so creative and we appreciate the time that you take to share your world!!

andrea (kelly's sister) said...

I like to come check out your blog each week. Love seeing your pictures and hearing your stories! I agree, comments are always fun to get. I will try to be better about letting you know when I am taking a peek at your world :0)

Dana & Tyler said...

I can relate to feeling like that sometimes....like doing this for nothing. But you definitely aren't doing it just for nothing! Its nice getting comments every now and again from people saying that they have at least stopped by to check in with ya. I love reading all your posts and seeing all your pictures and seeing what you and your family have been up to, especially since I don't get to see you that often. Its hard being able to find time to keep up with emails and sending pictures out to everyone and I find this a lot simpler way to keep everyone in the loop of what is going on. Keep up the wonderful blogs, I definitely look forward to reading them all!

Mrs. Silva said...

I think that my favorite part of all of this, is the pictures. I love to look at everyones pictures. I find it so fascinating to look at what others find interesting.

Kelly said...

You know I'm here. But I'll make it official - I'm here! :)

My Oh My said...

I can't remember how I stubbled upon your blog... anyway, it was the scrapbook layouts that caught my eye. I am a scrapbooker as well and I love sharing ideas with friends. Thank you for sharing your creative and fun ideas with all of us. I hope to add some layouts to my blog sometime soon... thanks for the inspiration. - Steph

My Oh My said...

Sorry, I'm fairly new at this and I wasn't sure how to privately answer your question. The river pictures are from the Snake River at Hell's canyon. (I put it in my post originally, but took it out later...privacy...blahblahblah stuff) So you were right about the layout! We live out west. I am sorry about your grandpa and I will had him to my prayer list for this week... what a lovely picture of the two of them, that is a treasure for sure! -S