Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day Fishing Trip

Ryan really wanted to go fishing for Father's Day.
He kept talking about going fishing.
He keeps trying to plan something.
So....we went on Saturday.
My brother Jeff is the "master" fisherman. So, he suggested that we go to North Fork Reservoir just past Estacada.
They have a super cute kiddo lake that they call the "small fry" lake and it's 14 and under only.
It's a step between going to a trout farm and fishing with the big guns.
Anyway, Jeff said that they had just stocked it with 300 fish.
So, before the adults went over to the big kids lake, we took Wyatt to catch his first fish.
Honestly, it was naptime and he was really bored and wiggly, he just wanted to dip his fishing pole in the water and play in the mud. He really didn't like being held down on daddy's lap. Thank God, it didn't take long for a fish to take the bait. He didn't understand that he needed to reel in, but he loved seeing the fish once we finally got it out of the water.
After Wyatt had successfully landed 2 fish, we went in search of a good place for the adults to go fishing.
Dad caught 2 fish right off the bat, we were there for another 2-3 hours with no luck.
But, no one else was catching fish either. Well, no one but the birds.
There was an exchange with a couple Bald Eagles and an Osprey. We saw the Eagles harrassing the Osprey, watching, trying to figure out what they were up to. Then, we saw the Osprey drop a fish, and the Eagle swooped down and grabbed the fish out of mid air.
Not too long after that, it happened again.
It was pretty amazing actually, they flew right above us and I was able to get a pretty good close up picture.
During this time, Wyatt took a much needed nap. When he woke up, him and my mom had fun playing by the water and throwing rocks and such.
After all the fishing festivities were over, we went back to our house for pizza and homemade strawberry shortcake (by Jeff).
Ryan had fun cooking the 4 trout that Wyatt and dad caught.
So, all in all it was a great day, with some great memories.
I am not going to put very many pictures in this post, but look for an album on the side.
I took 178 pictures, so I just picked a few of my favorites!

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