Saturday, September 6, 2008

What's In The Rice? *First Ever Contest* Time's Up!!!

Only 3 bites on a contest???
Well to you 3...their loss is your gain...your chances to win are great.
I'll announce the winner tomorrow sometime.
I will say, that while all creative none of the answers were right.
I didn't just cover something with rice for no reason.
There was a method to the "madness".
I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.
For now...I'm gonna go sit on my couch, put my feet up and relax. (long day working at the house)

So, that's the question....What's in the rice? It's not a trick question, something is buried in the rice and I want to know what you think it is. Since I love random contests, you don't have to be right. Just looking for some creative guesses and if you get it right...great.
What's the prize?
Well, my college room mate Kelly's sister, Andrea, blogged about these on Wednesday. I fell in love with these little pendants. So that's the prize. One of those adorable pendants, your supply the chain. The winner will be picked at random. Only one entry per person. Contest will end at 9pm Sunday evening.

Have fun...
I know I will thoroughly enjoy reading your answers!!


Donna Boucher said...

a teddy bear counter

MyOhMy said...

A train car!

April said...

What, no hints? Ha, ha! I am going to say a scarf - to ring in the new fall season ahead! ;)

Kelly said...

SHOOT! I forgot to enter! Oh well. I guess seeing that I already have a couple of those necklaces I don't really need another right? :)