Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Finally Went Birthday Shopping...

...I am usually very frugal. I don't splurge often. But I used the money that my parent's gave me for my birthday and bought this ridiculously cool new pot. Yes, I said pot. It's actually a cast iron enamel Dutch Oven. Did I mention it's Emerilware too? So, this is the debut of my new "real & rustic" "Trinity Pot".
I'm making Buffalo Chicken Chili for dinner. This is actually one of my favorite things about fall...making all different kinds of soup.
Ryan is coming home to spend the evening with us, instead of working on the house.
We will be watching "The Office" premiere.
I am really looking forward to tonight.

And I love my new Dutch Oven...that sounds better than "pot" doesn't it.


MyOhMy said...

What a great dutch oven... we are big DO users around here! That looks like a Yummy Dinner! Good EATS.

Dana said...

Very nice Dutch oven! The food looks so delicious! I really need to try that recipe sometime :)