Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

August 29th was my 29th birthday. I think some call that my golden birthday.
Fun Fact: I also share my birthday with my lovely niece Melissa, Claire, (Some friends of ours, Josh and Bonnie's, daughter) she turned one this year, and Michael Jackson who turned 50. 50!!!!!!
So, here's how the day went:
My mom and I have a tradition of going out for lunch on my birthday. So to lunch we went. We picked up Grandma on the way and went to Olive Garden for some yummy soup, salad and breadsticks. When the waitress was asking for our beverage order, she mentioned that they had complimentary wine sampling. Well, grandma perked right up and told the waitress that she would like some of that free wine please!! :) So, in the spirit of celebration, we all joined in and she brought us samples of 3 different wines of our choice. That was a fun little twist to lunch at Olive Garden. By the end of lunch, Wyatt was exhausted, he was trying his darndest to stay awake before they came to sing happy birthday. You see, singing happy birthday usually includes a candle or 2 and a piece of cake. He didn't care about singing me happy birthday, he really wanted to blow out those candles. But he lost the fight and fell asleep. Well, as you may know...Olive Garden just sings to you, no cake no candles anyway. But when we were putting him in his car seat to leave, he woke up and the most horrible temper tantrum ensued because he had fallen asleep and not gotten to sing "Happy Birthday".
My mom is such a softy when it comes to this little guy. She said, maybe we'll have to go buy some candles and a dessert so he can sing "Happy Birthday". To which I replied, "I'm not going to reward this behavior right now, maybe later"
So, we then headed over to an estate sale that I had found online. I put a bid in on a washer/dryer (that I later won) and Wyatt played with pots and pans in the back yard with his grandma's...(We couldn't leave without a pan, that was one fight that I wasn't willing to put up!).
After checking in on Ryan at the "little house" we headed to Walgreens for some birthday candles and a lighter. Then off to Burgerville for a couple of Sundaes. And about 15 songs of "happy birthday".
It was a fun day.
Ryan picked Wyatt and I up at Burgerville and off to Becky and Ray's, where we cleaned up quickly, dropped off Wyatt and were off to dinner at Benihana's.
I wish I would have gotten a group picture. Benihana's is set up in a half circle, so I only got pictures of the people on the ends. Oops. I'll tell you that Doug and Lynnann, Cresslyn, Jenna, Jared and Christi, Ryan and I, and Terry were there. (That was the order we were sitting in too)
I love this place.
It's a little on the pricey side. But so yummy. I had Tuna steak. I'd recommend it to anyone. It didn't taste fishy at all. And the dish they put on the side, I can't even describe how good it was, but my mouth is watering just thinking about it. No kidding. Watering.
Anyway, it's like going to a show, the chef did knife tricks and an onion volcano. Very entertaining.

So, the next evening, my mom had us over for dinner. In my honor she made all Rachael Ray recipes. This was a labor of love for sure, because my mom doesn't like following recipes. She's too free for recipes. It's the artist in her. My grandma came over early to help her and also made some yummy apple pies...straight off the apple tree outside.

It was a fun birthday.
Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate!!!


Kelly said...

What a great birthday! Sorry I never got a card out to you but at least I remembered to put it on my blog right? :)
That picture of Wyatt below was really cute. And the rice story made me laugh.

MyOhMy said...

Sound like a perfect BDay to me. Happy late birthday, I'm glad it was fun!

April said...

Happy 29th, Em!! Birthday celebrations are always fun and it looks like yours was awesome!!

Dana & Tyler said...

Happy Birthday Em!! Glad to hear it was a great day for you!