Monday, September 29, 2008

Mr. Potato Head

Wyatt loves these glasses. He came up to me like this.
This is mildly concerning for me, mildly.
When I was a youngun' I went through this phase of wanting glasses, SOOOOO BAD!
It got so bad that my grandma and grandpa bought me glasses and had the lenses taken out. I wore those things everywhere. That wouldn't have been so bad if, I wasn't going through the "little house on the prairie" and "not brushing my hair" phases at the same time. Doesn't that paint a pretty picture.
I'm hoping we skip these phases with Wyatt, but for now...I'll just share these cute pictures!!!


Dana said...

Silly little boy! That cracks me up! Yes the phases we went through as kids...and the phases we have to look forward to with our kids :)

Kelly said...

What a goof!
I laughed out loud picturing your glasses/Little House/no hair care days. :)