Friday, September 26, 2008


At the end of summer, one of my favorite flowers blooms. Hardy Hibiscus. I have one down in the backyard its huge. It's about 5 feet tall and gorgeous. I didn't water it for about 2 days and all the flowers fell off. I was absolutely devastated.
But, I have one planted in the front yard that is much smaller and has never bloomed, until now.
It was incredible. It looked like a fake in my front yard because the bloom was so huge, it didn't look like it went with the small plant. I mean, this bloom was the size of a dinner plate.
I take too many pictures of my plants than I would like to admit, but it does remind me of my Grandma Parmele so that's ok. But these were just to pretty to not share!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Em, it was great having Wyatt and yourself around for Taryn's birthday. Sorry we haven't had a whole lot of extra time to get together since we've been back. I really don't have much of a life right now while I've got my nose in the books unfortunately, unless you count occasional trips to the library a highlight.

Carolyn has taken a part time job just to get us through the new year before I start the old job search again. We'd love to get together with you guys soon. Shoot us an e-mail if there are any particular days of the week that work best for you guys and maybe we can plan a day to get together sometime soon.

Nice pics by the way. Your photography skills rock... one of these days we'll have to get some serious pointers. Hope you're doing well. ~Davo~