Thursday, May 1, 2008

Play Day

Yay...we had playgroup today!!
Ok, Wyatt and I really needed this today. Yesterday was horrible. I don't even want to recount it on here. It was just generally not a great day. usual, after a bad day...God gave us a good one!
Jackie opened her home and we had lunch and watched the boys play.
Speaking of boys, there were 5 of them in our group today, there are 7 total and 1 girl.
Well, Claire, watch out, because Jackie just found out that she is having a girl!!!
They will still be grossly outnumbered, but at least they'll have each other!!! I was all smiles when I got the text from Jackie yesterday after her dr. appointment.
So, back to the play day...
It was a fun time with friends, like I said I really needed it.
I have pictures...
The picture above is April's boys, Sean (outside) and Maddox (Inside)

This is Jackie's son, Luke, they are watching Boz. Serious stuff!!!

This is Savannah and London

This is sweet London!

This is Sean....doesn't he have the most gorgeous ice blue eyes!!??

"What are you looking at?"

Anyway, like I said, it was a good day.


April said...

Oh yes, I'm on a roll now ..... LOL! Today was so much fun!! Maddox loves playing with Noah, err Wyatt! Hee, Hee! Can't wait until next time!!

Mrs. Silva said...

haha yeah we live in Hawaii. Going to the beach here is a lot different then going to the beach in Oregon. There is too much to pack, and do. Not only that I really want to take care of her skin, she is so fair like me, I don't want her to burn!
Play day looked like it was a lot of fun!!!

Kelly said...

I'm glad you had a fun playdate! It's always nice to get out and play with friends!