Monday, May 26, 2008

What I've Been Thinking About Today!

Caleb is a very close family friend.
He was my brother, Nate's, best friend when we were all growing up.
But today being Memorial Day, I've been thinking about Caleb.
Because Caleb is supposed to be coming home from Iraq (or Afganistan, one of them).
He might even already be safely home now.
This has been the prayers of many people.
So, thank you Lord for bringing him home safely.

Everyone has had this war touch them somehow, so think of your loved ones or friends that are involved. Say a prayer for them.

They are doing something that I don't think I could do.
They are all very special people.

We love you.

Sidenote: I dug this picture out of my old albums, its from 2000, at Nate's high school graduation.

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