Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good As New

"Let's put it in an alleyway in a rough part of town with the keys inside" or "Maybe someone will steal and torch it"
These are both fantasies that I have entertained regarding our Subaru.
Ryan and I have never kept cars for long, but when we decided that I would stay home with Wyatt, we had to get rid of our car payments.
This meant getting rid of a brand new VW Passat and driving Ryan's old Subaru.
Recently, the Soob has been having some issues.
It would click, and cut out while you were driving it. Hard to explain, but we kept putting off having it looked at, because we thought it was going to be a major fix.
It was also very annoying, when you would be idling and it would be going click, click click.
Oh, how I loathed this car.
But it's worth more to us to keep it than to get rid of it. So....much to my chagrin, we took it in to the shop to have it looked at.
Turned out, the clicking was due to a malfunctioning alarm system that had never even been activated. So all that they had to do was un-plug that. And it was in dire need of a good tune up.
And now it's almost good as new....
...well the fan belt still squeals
...and it needs a new power steering pump
...we'll probably always have some trouble with the transmission because it's a 1999....don't ask, I don't want to type out that story.
But the confounded clicking is gone...hallelujah
So needless to say, I'm happy that I get to stay home with Wyatt, and so for that reason, I'm happy that it wasn't anything too major.

On a different note...check out these cool new fonts that I just bought!!
Aren't they cool?
I got an e-mail from this company, and they are having a $1 sale.
I love fonts.
I have always loved fonts.
Dyana, if you're out you remember our obsession with fonts?

Hey also, if I have any "lurkers" out there....I would love it if you would leave me a comment, and let me know you're reading this.
I love comments.
Thank you Jackie for your comment yesterday.
Thankyou Kelly, Missy and Donna for commenting often.
I'm going to make a goal...haha Lets go for an all time high of 3 comments!! You can do it!!


Kelly said...

Woo hoo comment #1!
I'm glad you got the car fixed. I know that dilemma all too well. If I even began to list all the things wrong with the van, we'd be here forever.
Cute new fonts! I've always just downloaded free ones but have recently bought a couple really cute ones. Did you know you can have your handwriting turned into a font?

April said...

I knew I should have copied and pasted my comment to you when I couldn't leave one on here a day! Oh well, here is technically my second comment! LOL!! I love checking in each day on your blog. You are so creative and I love reading about you and the boys! Keep up the great work, Em!

Mrs. Silva said...

Ugh, I hate car problems. Chris and I are trying to sell mine right now, but his car is the car with all the problems. It is also the car with enough seats for all of the kids that we have.

Anonymous said...


I don't know why, but alot of the time when you leave comments on our blog, I don't get an e-mail notifying me that you've left a comment. So, just the other day I randomly saw the comments that you left about having a new blog. Nice! Anyway, nice blog...


the lurker