Friday, March 13, 2009

And The Rollercoaster Continues....

I have at least one new blog follower, so before you read this should read this one, this one, this one, and then this last one.
That's alot of homework huh? (at least there are lots of pictures)
So, as you know almost 2 weeks ago we accepted an offer on our house for all cash, agreed to all of her terms, and she rescinded her offer the next morning.
And then on Wednesday we had a young couple come look at the house. They had been to one of our first open houses (when it was first on the market and much more expensive) their realtor told me that she had showed them about 15 other houses and this was definitely the one. She called back to make an appointment to show the house to the young man's father the next morning.
So, we were back in our realtor, Keith's, office exactly a week later, going over a new offer from this couple. It was pretty low and they asked for my beloved front loader washer & dryer, so we countered their offer and they accepted. Things were moving pretty fast, they scheduled a "home inspection" for this last Wednesday. We got word from our realtor on Wednesday night that they planned on rescinding their offer. (by the way, I'm beginning to HATE the word rescind, just in case you were wondering) But we also found out that instead of hiring a licensed professional home inspector they brought his dad and a contractor "friend".
We have been waiting to hear what they found and the exact reasons for taking their offer back. And we finally got the "report" and they finally made their plans to rescind official. Most of it was really trivial, like lint in the dryer vent. (puh-lease, so we clean it) They also said that the window wasn't plumb (is that how its spelled?) because it stuck. Well, considering that we have probably only opened that window about 3 times in 3 years, of course it was gonna stick. I went over and tested it, and it opens just fine. One thing that was a little more severe was that they found a "fractured" floor joyst. Ryan has been on the phone with all sorts of people all day, because it will be covered under a structural warranty through our builder.
Anyway, our personal opinion is that they brought someone in to do the inspection that just wasn't qualified . They found something that carrys an easy fix, and instead of remaining level headed they blew the whistle and freaked these poor kids out. What's the moral of this story? You get what you pay for.
You should always pony up the cash for a professional liscensed home inspector even though they are spendy. One that works for you and not against you. One that doesn't have a personal vendetta against production builders (oh did I not mention that?) We get the feeling that this guy is a custom home builder and holds a serious grudge against the builder of our house. And if these people want a custom home, they should plan on spending at least double what we are asking.

What it boils down to, is that ya, we're pretty dissapointed.
But, we've been praying hard about this.
So if these people want to rescind their offer.
These people aren't what we've been praying for.
Now I just need to adjust my attitude accordingly.
It might take a day.
I'll be ok tomorrow.
For the time being, we are still moving forward towards moving into what we have affectionately nicknamed "the little house".
Unless God decides to totally bless us and let us out of this huge mistake by selling it for us.

But, I'll end on a good note.
Our house got shown again today.
Who knows, we could be sitting in our realtor's office for the 3rd Saturday in a row tomorrow.
I just hope that for the rest of my life, I never hear that wretched word. You know the one.



Kelly said...

Oh Em! I'm so sorry! I know all too well how stupidly stressful this all is! I'll be praying for you guys too.

Taryn said...

Oh- I am so sorry to hear about the house. You have such a good attitude about it though (or at least are trying = ) ). Thanks for coming and following my blog!

Taryn said...

You know someone else named Taryn?! awesome!
I am glad you enjoy the blog. It is fun to write.

I think I found you through Dot dot dot. You are a follower of hers, and sometimes I click on the followers' blogs for fun. (because blog reading is an endless rabbit hole of fun!)