Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm officially inspired...

My college roomie Kelly is extremely crafty. She recently did a post that included lots of crafty blog links.
I myself have always loved the idea of sewing and craftiness since I was a little girl. I even belonged to a sewing/crocheting/knitting 4H group.
I've been considering this for awhile.
Today was the day.
I dug my childhood sewing machine out of the garage, took pictures, and then cleaned it off with baby wipes.
I sat down to see if I could remember how it works.
Turns out, it's not quite like riding a bike.
I might need a refresher course.
Since Kelly lives in the Boise, ID area and I in the Portland, OR area, I might have to pack this machine over to Grammy's house (Ryan's grandma) for a lesson. (she doesn't know it yet)
I can't for the life of me, figure out how to get the bobbin thread up from the bottom.
I'm also thinking that it probably needs a tune up.
But, I'm stoked to sew again.
Not that I really need anything else to do right now.
But, hey, with practice, maybe I could get good enough to throw some stuff up on Etsy.


Alexis said...

I had to figure out my sewing machine- but seriously- it's worth it. Sewing is so much fun and so many new windows of creativity are open to you now!

Kelly said...

You are more than welcome to pack up the sewing machine and Wyatt (and I suppose Ryan too :)) and come on over for a lesson or two. :)
You are going to have so much fun with this! I'll point you to some easy projects as soon as your machine is up and running.
I have a sewing related post coming up later today. :)

Taryn said...

Good for you! It is so fun!

MyOhMy said...

That machine takes me back - good times!

Anonymous said...

So, what have you made little Em? I have material to make 3 quilts. Maybe I will have to wait on a 3rd kid till I get them all sewn. lol.

Savannah said...

That was my comment Em.