Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Deep and Burning Question

Ok...Brace yourselves.

I'm about to astound you with my vast deepness.

Why does the Oscar Mayer Wiener song just randomly pop into my head.

I can just be going along, minding my own business. And BAM.
There it is.
And I can't get it out.
I don't know why.
I haven't seen the commercial for ages.
And it will just come in, uninvited and I'll be singing it to myself.

And another thing....I don't even like hot dogs. Sometimes if the mood hits me, I'll grab one from Costco. But, other than Costco, they tend to really gross me out.


Kelly said...

There is actually a psychological answer to your question. I remember learning it in school.
I was kind of thinking of going to Costco today and thought about going at lunchtime to get the kids a hot dog but we're going to wait until next week to go instead. Oh and I got to see the original Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile in Detroit a few years ago. Pretty cool huh? We even got Weinie-whistles. :)

Dana said...

Thanks Em...now the song is stuck in my head :) I have this problem also with other little commercial jingles.