Thursday, February 26, 2009

Menu Plan.....Thursday? **Edited**

Quite a few of the blogs that I read do "Menu Plan Monday". I've been menu planning for a little over 3 years now. I don't do it every week, rather, I do it every time my hubby gets paid. Tomorrow is payday, and I'm planning my shopping trip. Usually, I will try to buy 2 weeks worth of food so I don't have to go shopping again until the next time he gets paid. This might have to change a little bit when Wyatt gets a little older and starts consuming more food. But for now, I can make 4 or 5 recipes and use leftovers and make it stretch out for 2 weeks.
Here's my line up for this "go round"

-Taco Salad w/ homemade salsa

-Curry Turkey Burgers w/ asparagus (Thanks to Emily from Making Dough for the recipe link)

-Buffalo Chicken Chili w/ Broccoli Slaw

-Cold Chicken Satay Noodles (p.174 of the Big Orange Book by Rachael Ray) w/ Spinach Salad **If you have this cookbook, this is a must try. It was delicious. (If I do say so myself) Also the spinach salad was delicious too. I bought a bag of spinach for the noodle dish and figured I'd just incorporate the rest of it into the salad.**

-Spanish Chorizo and Chicken Chili (p. 57 of the Big Orange Book by Rachael Ray) (Hubby saw the picture and requested that I make this) **This was also a big hit. It wasn't as good as the Buffalo Chicken Chili, but it was a nice change**

And, I'll leave you with this... This little ditty tends to be pretty catchy and Ryan has been singing this non-stop and driving me "CRAZY"!! Now Wyatt has caught on to it and started singing it tonight too.
I want you to share in my great pain and despair....enjoy


April said...

Mmmmmm ... taco salad!!! I think we need a playdate soon - after the flu is outta Jackie's house - LOL!! :o)

Jackie said...

I agree with April. Believe me ladies, I'm trying. Opening the windows, washing down beds, switching hand towels, and I'll definately wash the toys prior to playdate. But . . . the flu needs to die!

Mrs. Silva said...

I do the same thing when Chris gets paid. I noticed that we save A LOT of money when I know what to shop for. And saving money makes Chris happy!

nanerpus said...

nanerpus... sheer advertising genius!

Alexis said...

I try to plan out meals for two weeks too. My hubby gets paid today also and I'm going grocery shopping. It's amazing what you can make stretch...creativity baby!
Yes, I am a friend of Melissa's and was an intern with her at Easthill, I also worked for a short time with Tim her dad. Happy shopping!

Dana said...

Wow your menu sounds so good! I still need to try your taco salad, I have been meaning to for awhile now.

MyOhMy said...

The "ditty" is SO stuck in my head and now I need to show it to JJ - he will love it. I still can not figure out how you stretch your meals so well, I must be doing something wrong or else my kids eat like piggies ;) I am trying a few more of your recipes... so far, so GOOD!

April said...

I had to go and make a taco salad for dinner last night ... I couldn't take the craving any longer! LOL!
Yay for you on making the ♥ - I am learning a couple new things, like how to make link buttons, and text boxes for the html code to copy. I have a little something up my sleeve that I will be posting very soon, so I have been trying to snag some new tricks. :o)