Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Clean Sweep Saturday

Friday night, Ryan and I took Wyatt over to Babu & Papa's (Ryan's parents) house to spend the night. We had an open house on Sunday and needed to spend Saturday cleaning without a 3 year old following behind us messing everything up again.
We literally worked from about 10am to 5pm straight. We barely stopped to inhale lunch. That tells you how filthy our house was, huh?
We've always had 3 bedrooms in all of our houses. Even when Wyatt was born, we set his room up in the bonus room so he could be downstairs with us. So we've always had 2 spare bedrooms. 2 spare bedrooms for us meant 2 junk rooms. Last year, we worked really hard and got one room cleaned out and moved Wyatt's bedroom upstairs. This meant that most of the junk from that room just went into the other room. The other room also houses all of our paperwork, its loosely called the office. It has a desk and a computer that we don't use, and 2 filing cabinets. The weekend before, I had worked all day on Saturday and filed paperwork. (I'm embarrassed to say that this hadn't been done in over a year) I'm a big pile person. I've never been big on neat and tidy, although I really love it when things are neat and tidy. Anyway, I always have my piles and even though it looks wild and unorganized, I can usually go right to a pile and find what I'm looking for immediately. It's quite amazing actually. :) Well, it was so messy that I was even losing track of all my piles. Somewhere lost in the shuffle was Wyatt's social security card, which made me nervous, along with other various things that had been misplaced.
So, I'm going to share some before and after pictures. I really hope that we never have a room that looks like this again. It feels so stinking good to have it clean.



There's nothing spectacular about this room, but it's clean. As well as the entire house...spit shined. Well it was, and I'm really really trying to keep it that way.
The open house was a bust. Not a soul showed up for it besides the realtor. But, good news, I did get a call from a realtor that want's to show it this coming Sunday. So yay, the house is clean and ready, we'll just have to vacuum and do a little tidying!


April said...

House selling stinks ... I feel for ya! Yay on the clean house!!

Kelly said...

How did I not know you were selling your house? Where are you going?

That room kind of reminds me of something. Something like A19.

Dana said...

You want to come over and do my office next??!! Cleaning sucks, but it always feels so good after you get it done. Nothing like a clean house!!

Emily said...

Well, my half of A19 anyhow.

Our house has been up on the market for as long as "the little house".
We can't afford to make 2 house payments forever and we need to sell one of them.
If we sell our house first, we'll wedge ourselves into "the little house" temporarily.

Mrs. Silva said...

You know I am the exact same way with piles. Drives Chris nuts, but at least I know where everything is. Then he and I clean up the piles and I can't find a thing.

MyOhMy said...

As you know, I love before and after pictures ... but I just wanted to say that showings are tough and I'll keep your family (and sanity) in my prayers