Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You Know You're Crazy When...

...you give up going to a football game to go grocery shopping!

Ok just a disclaimer, yes this is a coupon post. I promise the next post will have some cute pictures of Wyatt.

Pat and Jackie & Ryan and I were supposed to go to the Ducks game on Saturday afternoon. On Friday morning Jackie called me and asked what I thought about keeping our babysitters and spending the entire day shopping with our coupons. I was game, so that's just what we did.
We started at Pete's for a cup of coffee and game plan.
Deciding to hit Safeway first we headed to Damascus where I bought the following items:

6 Cans of Progresso Soup- On sale for $.97 (MQ's $2/4, $1/2) .47 each
1 box Wheat Thins - On sale for $1.88 (MQ $1/2, Double $.50) $1.13
1 box Triscuits - On sale for $1.88 (MQ $1/2, Double $.50) $1.13
Pilsbury Pizza Crust - $3.29 (clearance stickers - $2.25, MQ 1/$.40) $.64
Kraft Cheese - On Sale for $3.00 (clearance stickers - $1.50) $1.50
Minute Maid Pomegrante Tea - $3.49 (clearance stickers - $2.25) $1.24
Ranch Dip - On Sale 2 for $5.00 (MQ $1/1, Double $.50) $1.00
Dill Dip - On Sale 2 for $5.00 (MQ $1/1, Double $.50) $1.00
Sunday Newspaper - $2.00

Total Out of Pocket: $11.96 Ok I realize that this doesn't totally add up but this is the gist. This was all the way back to Saturday and I'm trying to remember to the best of my abilities. Also, these receipts are really hard to read, after the fact!

Safeway took us forever. Jackie was going after the coveted catalina promotion (home for the holidays). Yay for her too, she got it $10 off her next purchase. That made it sound like it was Jackie's fault that it took so long. It wasn't, we were just taking our time.

We stopped back by Jackie's house and dropped off her groceries and my perishables, picked up her sister and were off to lunch. Her sis was craving breakfast, and we thought we had coupons for Sharis so to Sharis we went. The coupons didn't work on the weekend, but that was ok, because not too many other people serve breakfast at 3pm. Ok it was a late lunch.

After lunch we headed off to Gap outlet to try to use the friends and family 30% off coupon. I struck out. I couldn't even find anything for Wyatt. I'm sure I could have bought something, but I didn't want to just get something for the sake of getting something.
We ducked into a couple more stores before leaving and I got Luke his birthday present.

We wanted to go to Walgreens and "figure it out" so that was our next and final stop together.
They had a coupon that was only good for Saturday and Sunday for $5 off a $20 purchase.
So, the goal was to go in there and use that.

Here is the list of the stuff I got:

Maybelline Mascara x2 $3.99 - Buy one Get one Free (MQ $1.00 x 2) $1.99 for both
Notebook - $1.99 because I needed one
Bic Soleil Razor System - $6.99 (Store Coupon $3, MQ $3) $.99
Bic Soleil Razor Refill - $6.99 (Store Coupon $3, MQ $3) $.99
Loreal Age Moisturizer - On Sale for $14.99 - Free after Mail in Rebate

With the $5 off coupon my Out of Pocket total came to $15.95
Since Walgreens adds 10% to the total if you elect to have them send you a gift card I will be getting $16.49 back.
And that my friends is my first profit of $.54
So yay, I got all that stuff that I will totally use for free!!! And I love that moisturizer!

By t
his time, it was almost 8pm at night. We were ready to go home to our babies and we were all tired. But the guys weren't home yet, so after awhile I left and made a quick stop by Albertsons for a toilet paper sale that was going to be over that night.

Here is my Albertsons List:

12 pack Cottonelle Double Rolls (I got 2, second pack not in picture because it's...ahem...already in use! - $11.59 reg price (FM coupon $4.99 ea, MQ $1/1 not double-able) $3.99 ea
9 pack large rolls charmin - $4.99 (Albertsons Rain Check $2.99 ea., MQ $.25, Double $.25) $2.49

That finished out our day of shopping!

The weekend wasn't quite over yet.
One thing of note, that I'm very excited about is a great deal on Progresso Chicken and Beef Broth.
I showed my
couponing skills off to my hubby on Sunday after church...once again back to Safeway.
We needed to buy his brother a gift card and I had figured out this deal, so why not right?

Progresso 32 oz chicken stock x 2 - $3.19 Buy 1 Get 1 free (MQ $1/1, MQ $1/1, Doubles $1) $.19 for 2
AHHHHH ISN'T THAT AWESOME? I enlisted the help of a coupon clipper on Ebay and bought 20 more coupons. Hopefully they come in time so I can do that deal some more times. What a great item to put in the food basket at church.

I also met up with a gal after church that bought some scrapbooking stuff from me for $40. (I've switched to digital scrapbooking so I don't have a need for the paper and all that jazz)
With $40 burning a hole in my pocket, and the burning desire to buy a printer so I can delve into the world of internet printable coupons...I searched the ads for a good deal on a printer.
And, did I ever find one... An HP printer, copier, and scanner for $39.99, it came with the print cartridges. The print cartridges retail at $30.99 for the combo pack so, I like to think that I got a printer for $9. Ha. I love this machine so far. It rocks.

All in all it was a pretty productive weekend.

This post took FOREVER, and while I love sharing my deals, it was exhausting to try to remember everything!!!

Ok...pictures of Wyatt next, I promise!!!

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Jackie said...

LOVE IT! I'm thinkin' you should get a couponing award. Maybe a gold calculator or somethin' sassy! You know you're the crazy coupon lady when you're going to ask for a year's subscription to the Sunday Oregonian for Christmas. He, he, he...