Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I don't think they sold boxes of chicken stock in "the olden days"...

...but if they did, I just got "the olden days" pricing!

3 Oregonians (only 1 purchased), one coupon pack from ebay, 7 trips to Safeway, 26 boxes of stock and $2.47 total cost.
I was turned away once at our local Safeway. They said that they couldn't use coupons on the free boxes of stock, because there was no value on them. I didn't want to tell her that I had just did this same deal an hour before at their store and it went through just fine. I just politely asked her to take them off my bill and "can I please have my coupons back".
I didn't visit that Safeway again during this process. The good thing about living as far out as we do, is that there are a few Safeways on the way to and home from church.
No one else batted an eye at my deal, as I handed over $.38 per transaction for $12.76 worth of stock. I mainly just dug around in my purse and got rid of the loose change rolling around for this deal. For the very last one, I did have to whip out the old debit card because I was short a few pennies.
But like I said before, I use stock all the time! So this is an awesome stockpile item for me, and most of them don't expire till next December.
This was a fun deal for me, because I figured it out on my own, it is pretty exhilarating really.
So, snicker at me and my nerdy coupon box if you will. But, I just might be the one getting the last laugh....Mua ah ah ah ah!!! (In case you couldn't tell, that was my best attempt at typing out a sinister laugh)


April said...

Congrats, Em!! You and Jackie sure have taken off with this whole coupon adventure! I, on the other hand, am just excited when I can get a few bucks taken off here and there.
If you are ever up for a bigger challenge, I'll send you my grocery lists! LOL! I would love a personal grocery shopper!!

Jackie said...

AWESOME! I'm going to get mine either tonight or tomorrow . . . nothing like procrastinating. I found some awesome organic coupons too for dairy products - SCORE! Like I said . . . you deserve an award : )

Kris said...

Love it Emmer - (FANTASTIC) I'm so proud of you! Mom

MyOhMy said...

This will be perfect when you are making your Buff. Chicken Chili - you rock with the savings!

Oh I was wondering, do you Facebook?