Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oprah's Got Another Giveaway!

I'm downloading it right now as I type this.
Today is Oprah's favorite things show. Because of the economy she is doing a show with items that are affordable.
I haven't seen it yet, but in looking at blogs that are in an earlier time zone, I found that she is giving away a CD's worth of free music downloads.
It's a star studded CD of Christmas music, looks great. Can't wait to get mine onto a CD and into my car.

Here is a link!


Kelly said...

This is my absolutely least favorite Oprah show. I hate all the screaming and craziness! But it's pretty cool that she's giving away a CD to everyone. Can you hear me screaming & jumping up and down like a maniac? :)

April said...

Have a great Thanksgiving Em!!!

MyOhMy said...

Shoot, I missed it... it was only for 48 hours... I don't think the free downloads are available anymore. Oh well... maybe next time

Emily said...

I agree with Kelly. I always avoid her "favorites" show because of the screaming madness. Thanks for the heads up! I am listening to it as I type.