Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shopping Trip(s) and Menu Plan

Tonight is part 2 of 2 of the Frugal Living Workshop that I attended last week. I've been working on collecting my coupons and trying to start slowly. It is very inspiring to read the blogs ( Frugal Living Online, Super Coupon Girl, Money Saving Mom, Common Sense With Money...) and see how much money there is to be saved.
Before Bible study last night I went to Fred Meyer's to take them up on a $10 for $10 coupon that they had on milk, chocolate milk and orange juice. It was a great deal, so I bought 5 - 1/2 gallons of whole milk, 2 - 1/2 gallons of orange juice and 1 - 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk...all for $8. The milk is the non-hormone milk, that's something that I always look at first.
Then, after Bible study, I went to Winco while Ryan took Wyatt home to go to bed. I shopped for 2 hours, and used 3 or 4 coupons. I didn't save too much using my coupons at Winco, but I figured if I had them and was buying the product anyways, why not use them.
There was one snafu though, the Pumpkin Spice Creamer that I bought rang up at $2.98 and I knew that it was marked at less than that. So I told the checker and she was really nice about it and made a phone call for me. The person on the other line told her that it was $2.98, I knew that was wrong but I didn't want to argue over pennies. But it was right up front so on the way out, I double checked it... it was marked at $2.78. Ok $.20 you say? Normally it wouldn't be worth it to go complain. But dang it all, I had clipped a coupon for that little puppy and this clipping coupons business is hard work. So, I went back and waited for my $.20. (did I mention that it was just past 11:00pm?) Talk about feeling silly, but it was the principle.
So, I came home and Ryan and I worked on our ballots till 12:45am. Ryan had been reading all the measures since he had gotten home. Talk about more hard work. I always forget how much thought and studying voting takes. But, we got it done and I delivered it promptly to a voting box first thing this morning.

Part of these classes I'm going to is making a budget and a meal plan. I did 1 of 2. Yikes, I sat down to do a budget and didn't even know where to start.
Making a menu plan wasn't too hard for me, because I've been doing this since we moved back to Oregon and decided that I would be a stay at home mommy. It really does save money, because when I get lazy every once in awhile and don't do it.... well let's just say it wipes us out.
I wanted to try a couple new recipes this time so here you have it:

- Turkey Curry on Flatbread (this is a tried and true recipe from Everyday with Rachael Ray)

- Coca-Cola Glazed Pork Roast w/ acorn squash

- Pulled Pork Burritos w/ Sauteed Sweet Onions and Rice (I will make this recipe up as I go and use the yummy pork from the roast above) (new to us)

- Knockwurst Stoup (I have no clue what knockwurst even is so I use 2 pkgs of turkey bratwurst) (I also don't do the apple/parsley topper)

- Chicken Parm Meatball Subs (this is a Rachael Ray recipe, but I can't find a link)

- Apple Juice Pork w/ Squash and Golden Rasins (From my Everyday With Rachael Ray Magazine, October 2008) (new to us)

- Crockpot Black Bean Chili w/ Beef (new to us)

This will last us for about 2 weeks as we are big on leftovers in this house!!

If any of these sound tasty to you, please don't hesitate to ask for the recipe. I'm always happy to share!

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MyOhMy said...

Good for you for saving a few bucks where you can... the economy stinks right now and I think we are all feeling it. I feel like as a "stay-at-home" mom, that is one of my jobs... I like to point out to hubby how much I save him from time to time, it keeps me sane ;) Actually, it's fun and competative and sharing your ideas with friends is a great idea. BTW - I would have gone back for the 20cents too, just so the next person wouldn't have to.