Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please Excuse The...

...Blurry Pictures.

Goodness Gracious!
I think my camera and I are in a funk right now. This is what quite a few of my pictures have looked like lately, for whatever reason. It's quite disheartening actually. It's probably because I boycott using the pop-up flash, at all cost. Such harsh light. But what would I rather have, harsh light or blurry pictures. Both are pretty equally frustrating for me.

Anyway, most of you know by now that my mom comes over on Monday mornings to watch Wyatt so I can go to the gym. Well, mom usually tries to bring Wyatt a little something every time. This time it was a cool pair of little spinny-tops that lit up (he later took them down to his bed and broke both of them...sorry mom). She also brought him these "coke-bottle" glasses and a clown nose. At first he wasn't too keen on having anything to do with these. But, the curiosity of just leaving them on the coffee table got the better of him. The next thing we knew, he had those silly glasses on and was posing for pictures.
Whatta little hammy.
He cracks us up so bad.

A couple things that he's said lately.

We left him at Babu and Papa's (Ryan's parents) for the evening...
They were eating dinner and Lisa (Ryan's sister) started choking on her food.
Wyatt said, "Lisa Slow Down Girl"

Later that same night.
Wyatt wanted Babu to take him out to look at the pool. (that had recently been covered for the winter)
He took one look at the pool and said:
"Pool's Covered....Darn"

My mom asked Wyatt what he wanted for Christmas. (a question that hasn't really been explored with him...
He thought about it for a long second, then said, "a candycane"
(ah the simple things)

This one was from last year at the RV show...not sure if I shared this one already.
We were going in and out of the beautiful motor homes. And it became quite obvious that we were saying "HOLY COW" ALOT!!! Well, at that time Wyatt was learning all of his animals. He looked at us and said "HOLY DONKEY" That one makes me smile inside.

Anyway, he's just getting funnier and funnier. I know that there have been dozens of other things that I can't remember right now.
I can't believe that he's already almost 3 years old. Where has the time gone, really?


Dana said...

Loving the coke bottle glasses! Wyatt is such a little cutie!

Looking forward to girls night in less then 2 weeks! Whoo HOO!

Anna said...

He is a riot!!!
Thanks for "following" me...much love to you :o)
Hope you are enjoying your coupoon stash.
Happy Thanksgiving!