Friday, August 15, 2008

"Want A Wife"

So on Monday, we had a playdate at April's house. Wyatt played with the kids upstairs in their great playroom. And the mommies ate yummy food and visited with each other.
We had a great time at Aprils, but consequently it threw Wyatt's nap schedule off. He fell asleep in the car, and woke up when I put him in his bed. I knew that he needed more sleep so I left him in his room to try to go back to sleep.
He stayed in there for about an hour and didn't go back to sleep.
He was awfully quiet.
That's usually never a good thing.
So about an hour into it, he comes out of his room saying "want a wife", "want a wife".
(wife = wipe)
He turned around the corner and had a purple face, and four little bits of slobbery chunks of chalk in his little hand.
So, I got him cleaned up, but he was still pretty anxious. He kept asking for a "wife". So, I gave him a wipe and followed him into his room. He was furiously wiping away at a purple spot on his bed sheet. I laughed at him (on the inside), went and took pictures, and then halfheartedly told him that he is to never do that again. *snicker snicker* (to myself of course) "What?"


My Oh My said...

A couple of days ago someone asked me if I missed this age (in years past with all of my in-home childcare, nanny job and love for kids - I might have paused)but I said NO as quick as possible. It was a shock to her and to me... I think this is a funny story, but I have had plenty of ruined sheets (and other things) under my belt and it's only funny in other houses now. I must be preparing to be a grandma.

Wyatt is a cutie bug and you will have some great stories to tell his "wife" someday :)

April said...

Awww ... I am so sorry we interrupted Wyatt's nap schedule, but we were so happy that you guys came over to play and hang out!! The pictures of his worried little face are so sweet. Next play date we will plan for a little later in the day ... see you guys again soon!!

Dana & Tyler said...

Oh my goodness! The things I have to look forward to in the very near future! The things kids do!