Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You Try To Raise Your Kids Right....

....but every once in awhile they unzip the couch cushions and eat the stuffing.
I put this stuffing back in the couch cushion 15 minutes before this. When he did it again, I had to break out the camera and record this moment.

Now...on to other business...
Yesterday my friend, Savannah, planned a play date at a coffee shop. This coffee shop was perfect for a play date because it had a great big toy room with lots of rocking chairs for mommas and tons of toys for the tots. Hours of entertainment. I don't think Wyatt ever got bored, and that hardly ever happens. We rode over there with Jackie and Luke A.K.A. (to Wyatt) "Hackie" and "Uke". Due to a slight setback with the car seats, Wyatt had to sit right next to Luke. It was pretty funny actually, because we were trying to get them to hold hands.
So anyway, back to the coffee shop, they had a very ingenious idea and the giant toybox was a horse trough. Very shabby chic.
After Wyatt was sick, and then I got sick, I was starting to feel like a shut in. (ok, I did get to go camping) but still, I couldn't see my friends. I'm so glad that we got to go. Thanks Sav for planning the fun day. And thanks Jackie for driving us!!, I took Wyatt to see Dr. Mary. He has had a rash for the past 3 weeks that we haven't been able to get rid of. Skin issues run in the family, so a rash wasn't a huge alarm.
When it wasn't healing though, I decided to take him in. He was so excited to go see Dr. Mary, he was talking about it all morning. She said that he most likely has Impetigo. Don't ask me what that is. The medicine prescribed is 2 topical cremes twice a day for a week. I'm really praying that this will work and not actually be a lifetime of dealing with skin problems.
Today turned into a pretty rough day for Wyatt and I. He was pretty cranky when we got home from the Dr. office, and I wasn't in a mood to deal with it.
Well, like I keep saying, this is the only time he can actually act 2 and really be 2. In the scheme of things though...not for long...not for long!

Don't remind me of I said before...every kid has their bright moments!!! :)

Since most everyone will be reading this tomorrow...

Have a great day!!


Kelly said...

Your title totally cracked me up! Carson has a pillow that's stuffed like that and I find bits of that stuffing all over his room. I wonder if he's really eating it at naptime. Hmmmm....
That's a great idea for a coffee shop! I've seen them before on TV but we don't have anything like that around here.
I hope Wyatt's rash goes away quickly. We, unfortunately, have very sensitive skin in our family and my boys are looking at dealing with it forever.

Dana & Tyler said...

This photo cracks me up!! Oh the things I have to look forward to...very soon!! He is such a handsome little man! I can't believe how big he has gotten since I have last seen him!