Monday, April 21, 2008

The First Camping Trip of the Year!!!

Well, we kicked off our camping season this last weekend. Despite the severe weather swings, we had a great time. The weather really ran the gamut, one minute it was sunny, then hailing, then raining, then snowing big beautiful snowflakes. Then back to sunny for awhile, and the cycle would start over. Bizzare. Let me just say, that I'm so tired of this weather. I really can't wait to have some sunshine and be forced to use my air conditioner!! So, Ryan got off work early on Friday, and let me just say how blessed I am to have our little travel trailer. It was so nice, because by the time he got home, it didn't take long to get on the road. It took us awhile to get out of town, because Ryan accidentally went to work with Wyatt's car seat. So, before we got out of town, we had to tow the trailer to Wild Oats, so I could buy one of these for my cold. Then to Winco, for camping food.
We ended up pulling into the campground at about 5pm. Not bad at all.
When I started telling Wyatt that we were going camping, he remembered camping last year and so all he talked about was a "campin' fire". Sitting around a campfire wasn't really very feasable due to the lovely weather that we had. But he was very excited to help daddy burn some of our garbage. The other thing that Wyatt really loves "helping" with is cooking. So, he helped me make French toast on Saturday morning.
So, it was a really relaxing weekend. Babu, Papa (Ryan's parents A.K.A Becky and Ray), Aunt Lisa and Uncle J.T. came on Saturday afternoon. They stayed in a cabin right next to our campsite.
We didn't have time to do too much, but we did swim in the indoor pool on Saturday afternoon. Which thrilled Wyatt.
Wyatt kept asking to go to the beach, but it really wasn't ever "beachgoing" weather. So, we drove in to Long Beach, and drove on the beach instead. That was really fun, and thank goodness I had the presence of mind to grab my camera. It was hailing sideways, but the sky was absolutely gorgeous. And then the rainbow (I can't take credit for that picture, Ryan took it). So pretty.
Then we just kind of went on a little drive, and saw a sign for a lighthouse. When we got up to the parking lot, you couldn't see the lighthouse without going on a little mini hike.
There was a break in the weather, and so we took a little walk. It was really worth it. It was so pretty.
So other than that, we just took it easy and relaxed.
I have had a pretty bad cold, a gift from my son. So taking it easy was fine with me.

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Kelly said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time despite the weather. Those pictures are great! The one of thelighthouse looks like a postcard.