Friday, March 12, 2010

as the saying goes...

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

On Wednesday after mom's group, the kids and I went with my friend Amelia and her kids to Bob's Red Mill. I usually don't go there without my mom. She usually takes Wyatt and I have the baby. Wyatt is very routine oriented. We have traditions and routines when we go to Bob's and it goes something like this:

-Look at the waterwheel
-go inside and order lunch
-go upstairs
-look at the inside of the waterwheel from the window
-go to "our table"
-eat lunch
-lood at the inside of the waterwheel again
-go downstairs
-go potty
-look at grinders
-go shopping
-look at the waterwheel again on the way to our car

Well, we had just finished lunch, and had stopped to look out the window on our way down the stairs. Allegra had been crying because she was H.U.N.G.R.Y. and I was on a mission to "feed the baby". Amelia needed to feed and change Jonah too. So before we shopped, we decided to take them out to the cars and feed them. On our way out the door, Wyatt says, "I hafta go potty--not poo poo just pee". Since that's usually the next thing on our "Bob's Red Mill To Do List" I decided that it was probably more out of habit than need. Besides have you ever tried to wield a heavy baby carrier and drag a toddler around Bob's Red Mill at lunch time?? He didn't sound too urgent, the baby was still crying, so I figured he could wait for a few minutes. (Allegra is a really fast eater)
So, you probably can tell where I'm going with this by now, but we get to the car and I'm fiddling around with my keys. All of a sudden, Wyatt pulls his pants and underwear to his ankles and starts peeing on the sidewalk. He let loose. He really did "hafta go potty". All I could do was stand there dumbfounded, I knew what was coming when I saw the pants go down, but I was completely powerless to stop it. Right there in front of Amelia and her 2 and a half year old daughter Annabelle, Wyatt had dropped his pants and peed on the sidewalk. And then came the laughter. What else can you do? I was so glad he didn't go in his pants. I apologized to Amelia for exposing her innocent daughter...she laughed and said, "Don't worry about it, but you really need to write this down somewhere."

If you haven't been to Bob's should really go. It's a wonderful experience, with yummy food for breakfast and lunch. They bake their bread right there and its only $1.99 a loaf. My mom and I do bread run's every few weeks. We've tried several different kinds, but we always default back to the 10 grain.

This picture is taken from "our table", we love the view.

And Bob...I'm so sorry about your sidewalk!


jasmine said...

That is such a precious story, I'm glad you shared it. Funny! I could just see it all. You write very well. I don't know how you do it all! You are amazing!...and you play Farmville, too! haha Lorraine

Anonymous said...

I bet he learned that when he saw someone doing that in downtown portland....hopeflly he's not well on his way to a career of holding up cardboard signs and getting facial tattoos!

Emily said...

just an fyi... the above comment was from my hubby... his love of Portland just shines through does'nt it??

Dana said...

LOL I guess all us moms are bound to have these kinda moments. I am just waiting for Austin to whip his down in a parking lot.