Monday, June 29, 2009

Ultrasound Day!

It's a girl!
I'm glad it's a girl because I was so worried that I would be momentarily disappointed.
She looks to be a beautiful and healthy little girl...which of course, is most important.
Her name has been changed from Pinhead to Allegra, it means "joyful". I was looking for a name than meant "peaceful", since Wyatt's name means "little warrior" and lately he's been living up to it. But I figured that joyful was a good sign! :)

There was one piece of bad news, that, if I'm being honest, put a damper on my day. The placenta is too low and if it doesn't move up naturally I will have to schedule a C-section. My doctor said that in my case only about 5% don't fix themselves. But, I have to wait for 9 weeks though to see if it has moved up on it's own. Until then, I have to really take it easy, or I run the risk of being put on bed-rest. I want to avoid bed-rest at ALL costs, especially with a busy 3 1/2 yr old running around.

I really thought it was a girl, really, but I was doubting my instincts.
The ultra-sound tech and my doctor (on seperate occasions) said that it looked like she was picking her nose.

Like brother like sister I suppose!


Kelly said...

I'm so excited for you! I know you really wanted a girl! I think Wyatt will be really good with a sister! I'll be praying for the placenta situation for sure.
Congratulations! I can't wait to meet Allegra!

Mrs. Silva said...

snOh I am so happy that she is a girl. Especially since I had all ready gone out and purchased a really cute dress for her. And I am so glad that I now have someone to give these clothes that I bought for Kaedence to wear. She never wore them since she grew so fast! So yay, I didn't waste money!
But anyways, I am really happy for you three. Girls are so much fun, and they have way better clothes than boys!

April said...

Congrats, Em!!! How exciting ... and such a pretty name!! Let the fun, girly shopping begin!! :o)

Yankee Wife said...

Friend! Welcome to the one of each club. Now someone is in my club. Ha!!! Congrats. I'm very happy for you!

Emily said...

I personally think it looks like she's saying, "Shhh. A little peace & quiet please. I'm trying to grow here, people!"

So happy for you & your little family!

MyOhMy said...

She is beautiful! Perhaps she is sucking her thumb .?.
I'll pray for you abou the placenta - we were in the exact same boat with our little girl and it worked out fine as my tummy grew, but seriously - take it easy :)

As bad as I wanted a second boy - I have to say that having a girl is such a blessing (they are sweet and sensitive and lovely) and I think little girls are the "best" accessory a mommy can have :)

The Tran Tribune said...

Congrats Em! Another girl to add to the playgroup. Looking forward to meeting Allegra.