Friday, June 12, 2009

I Won!!!

Fabulous Fun Finds Featured Item
I've been entering giveaways at Fabulous Fun Finds for only a short time now. But much to my excitement, I won one of them. Fabulous Fun Finds is a blog that, for the most part, only does giveaways.
Their giveaways run the gammit (I know that's a word, but I can't figure out how to spell it right) and an example of what they are giving away now is:
Fornash Bangle Giveaway the winner will be given the bangle of her choice.

Tourance Hooded Towel Giveaway the winner will be given their choice of one hooded towel

Moxie Shoes Giveaway - The winner will be given a pair of Clover Sandals by Matisse

and other open giveaways include, jewelry, Baby items, women's clothes...

I just wanted to give them a shout out on here because check out what I won....

(Yes I realize that my son is not wearing pants, but it's next to impossible to keep clothes on this kid after his nap)

This was a giveaway by Baby Rocker Apparel, they have some great specialty items for kiddos. I'm seriously thinking about buying Wyatt this t-shirt from them:
It says, "Big Bro, Honor and Defend"

Thank you so much to Baby Rocker Apparel for the giveaway and thankyou to Fabulous Fun Finds for hosting it.

Anyway, go check out Fabulous Fun Finds, they have some great giveaways, I know because I WON!!!
And by the way, all this talk about giveaways reminds me, I have a giveaway coming up on my blog soon. If you have a baby or a toddler, or are a child at heart, you'll want to stay tuned. I'm going to be hosting the same giveaway that Jackie did here. Very exciting!!

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Taryn said...

ccongratulations! I love that shirt- it is too cute!