Monday, June 8, 2009

Tell Me About...


Wyatt officially entered the question phase about a month ago.
It all started with a trip to the beach. The water heater went out and daddy and papa spent a good part of the day replacing it. All this hubbub fascinated him. He couldn't help himself, even when told not to "go in there", he kept finding himself right in the middle of all the action. When everything was all said and done, he kept wanting to go in and look at the water heater. A while later, we were talking in the morning and he asked me to "tell him about the water heater". So, I told him what I could come up with, and then he asked to hear it again....and again...and again.
Then during that same time, he asked me to "tell him about the farm alarm" (fire alarm). So I told him that one again and again and again. So, I FINALLY told him that we needed to take a break and go have breakfast.

Lately he's been asking us to "tell him about the washer and dryer"

And for some time now, he's also had an obsession with cranes. He will spot them from a mile away. He's almost always right too. Even when I don't see it right away, if I look really hard, super far away, then I find it. One night, we didn't see any cranes while driving from 'here to there' and we had one disappointed little boy on our hands. So, instead I found him this video on YouTube:

"Hey Ma, I'm in the bag"


MyOhMy said...

It's amazing what they will remember... the little sponges will ask and ask and ask... some days I just had to say, " mommy is all done question and answer time" - I just couldn't do it anymore until the next day when it started all over again - sometimes I miss that stage, when it's impossible to get my 10 year old to say a word. Soak it up because sometimes it goes away :(

Dana said...

Wyatt is such a little ham!! What a cutie!

I can hardly wait for this stage of the questions. I am not very good at explaining.

I don't know if anyone is doing a BBQ or not for Jamie. Since she is in town through 1 weekend. You guys are headed to the beach house on the 4th of July weekend are you? If you are we could always try to meet up in Lincoln City? I know when we get back she will have a couple days of nothing planned. Maybe you guys can try to meet up?

Good seeing you on Saturday, I know I always say it, but we need to get together more often!