Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow n' Swides

There is so much that I'm behind on that I want to blog on. So much, that I'm getting ready to just forget about it all, wipe the slate clean and call it good.
I've been trying to figure out where I'm going to find the time to catch up on all of this. Well, maybe if we have an ice storm this weekend, I might get it done.
It's been snowing like crazy around here. It started on Sunday and was extremely cold (low 20's)! We tried to take Wyatt outside to play then, but it was just too picking cold. Hurt your face cold...brrrr
*Side note* Ryan told me that they are calling it "global cooling" now. (oh brother)
Well we have about 6 inches right now as I write this. Thursday morning, I took Wyatt outside to play. We live on a private drive that we share with 4 other houses, so I took him up to the end of the driveway and we played on the level part. He had a big time running around, purposely falling, making snow angels, jumping and then looking at his foot prints...the list goes on. So, then I let the dogs out of the house and they ran around and entertained us for awhile. When they got tired, (harley laid down in the snow) Wyatt wasn't ready to go in yet. So, I told him that we could walk down and get the mail. To which he replied, "want to go to da park an go down the swide?" I thought, what the heck? Really, it was like a built in sled. This was the highlight of the morning, he literally went down that slide about 50 times. With the ever replenished snow, and the snow pants, he flew down that slide. It was so much fun.
I debated bringing my camera, and its times like this when I really wish I had a little pocket camera instead of my DSLR...well I don't wish for that instead, I guess I wish for both! Mix and match. I just hate the delay time that comes with most point and shoot cameras, delay time makes me positively nutty. Anyway, I knew that if I took my camera, I wouldn't get to play with Wyatt so it was a pretty easy decision. For the sake of disclosure, I airbrushed some dark circles and enormous bags from underneath my eyes, I just couldn't bear to post the sooc(straight out of the camera)picture on my blog, it scared me. I love photoshop!!!

I was able to snap this picture before we went out, please don't mind the pained look on my face...I was holding up my camera and it had the flash attached to I was really trying to take the picture and not drop the camera.
Anyway, it was a great morning. He'll only be little once and won't want to play with mommy forever. I really cherished this time with my baby boy.


Emily said...

Great pictures! I can't wait until Elly is old enough to actually play in the snow, as opposed to being plopped in it for photo opportunities. :)

April said...

Ha, ha! I have tried taking self pics with my dslr, too! Oh what a pain!! I am thankful that I hung on to my point and shoot - I keep it in my purse.
I am not liking this snow ... drives me insane! Being cooped up ... holiday shopping left to do ... packages not arriving due to 'adverse weather conditions' ... UGH!!! When will it end?!?
Oh well, at least it is pretty.

MyOhMy said...

global cooling - good one. I so need photoshop (asked for it for Christmas - we'll see) W was having a ball - so cute

Dana said...

Cute pictures! Looks like he had a blast. Austin hasn't really got to enjoy ours since we now have well over a foot and probably more after this weekend ( I made it to my parents today because I am sick of being cooped at home).