Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boo Hoo...I gotta boo boo... *Edited*

*my mom took this picture with her cell phone right before we left the hospital...Pretty forlorn if you ask me!! (disclaimer, this photo has not been airbrushed, I'm keepin it real today)

(disclaimer) I am on some pretty heavy muscle relaxers so this post should be interesting!

Ryan, Wyatt and I spent the morning playing out in the snow. Other than falling flat on my butt, sparing only my camera, it went without incident. I got right back up and went on my way with a snow covered bottom and some bruised pride!! This is credited to my beloved Uggs that keep my feet dry and warm but have positively no good traction.
Wyatt and I took Ryan up to the park to go down the slide again. We had a great time and since Ryan was with me, I was able to bring my camera and get some great shots of playing in the playground. (they won't be added for awhile)
We went back home, had some lunch, tidied up the house and decided to come in to Clackamas to drop Wyatt off at Babu and Papa's house. We had high hopes to finish our Christmas shopping.
I hopped out of the Tahoe at Becky and Ray's and turned around to go get Wyatt out of his carseat. At this point I'm not positive what happened, but I think I slid off the curb and twisted my knee...resulting in a dislocated knee. (Thanks again to my Uggs) Not to be gross, but if you looked at where my knee cap should have been it was completely twisted to the side. Talk about pain. Ryan called 911 and after what seemed to be an eternity (about 5 min) the firetruck showed up. We waited a little longer for the ambulance. My leg was stuck in a bent position and it took a small army to get me moved into the ambulance with minimal moving of my knee. I had to transport in a bent position, and despite pillows and paper towel rolls for propping, I still felt like I was holding my leg up for the entire ride from Clackamas to Gresham (Legacy Mount Hood). They had a hard time getting an IV in me (like usual) and the firefighter just finally gave up. But, the paramedic that I had, had 30 yrs of experience in the field and got it in first try. I can always appreciate that because no matter what, it's always a huge ordeal for me to get an IV.
Anyway, the pain was excruciating. Worse than when I had Wyatt. With Wyatt I had an epidural. I kept teasingly asking them if I could please get one of those wonderful epidurals! They said no.
poop heads.
No, really. Everyone was really nice and helpful. I don't remember ever being in so much pain when the doctor grinded and popped it back into place, I screamed. It wasn't a lady like oooohhh ouchie scream. It was gutteral and haunting.
I kept thinking on the ambulance ride over, that it could have been so much worse. Sometimes when things like this happen, I wonder what worse fate this protected me from. Oh ya, I was also thinking, why me and why now...when we've had such a fun day.
I was also really concerned about my camera and computer. And the eggs that I had bought for Becky at Safeway on the way in. I had had them in my hand and they got dropped on the ground when I fell. Apparently we were 7 for 12. Not bad!
But I'll tell you what...
Mama's going shopping soon...
My list: snow boots with monster tread
and a new pair of gap jeans. (whaaaaaa they had to cut me out of my favorite fair) (they wanted to cut the Uggs but I told them no, I could bear through the pain of them just taking those off)
Ah, the things us girls do for fashion.

Anyway, they were a little concerned about some extra swelling, so they want me to follow up with an ortopedist and possibly get an MRI. I have a giant brace on and am scared to move. The pain is bearable now, but Ryan is out getting me my Perkaset. Just in case. I'm just sitting over at my mother and father in-law's house trying to relax.
We came over here to get out of the house....but looks like I'm housebound no matter what.


Dana said...

Oh Em, that is awful! I can't even imagine the pain. I pray you have a quick recovery. No better time then right before the holidays. This weather stinks. Hopefully you have some good pains meds.

And LOL about the Uggs. I would have tolerated the pain also to save a good pair of shoes. The things us girls do sometimes.

Jackie said...

Em - I'm so sorry! Creeps me out about the Dr. popping your knee back into place. GROSS. I need new jeans too. Let's go shopping -he, he! Way to save the shoes! Maybe "Santa" will be extra kind to you this Christmas. LOL!!! Text anytime you're bored.

April said...

Oh no!! So sorry, Em!! Don't blame the Uggs ... let's blame the stinkin' snow and ice! Hope you heal quickly!!

Emily said...

My knees are aching in sympathy. No fun. I hope the Perkoset works for you. I had the craziest side effects with that drug after my knee surgery! My advice: lay low, watch Christmas movies, drink milkshakes. You'll be feeling better in no time.

The Tran Tribune said...

Ouch... Sorry Em. Hope you get better soon. You got some nice pictures of your boys.

Kelly said...

EM! Yuck!
The post was pretty entertaining though. I kept waiting for the reference to the ambulance guy. :)

RuthAnn said...

Emily- sorry about your knee! Your description was awesome! I could feel your pain--- I think that sounds worse than my torn ACL.

My mom also got hurt in this wonderful weather- fell in her driveway, fractured her hip. Surgery was on Christmas day. Now she's also lying low for 6-8 weeks.
Have you had the MRI yet?? Don't get hooked on the Percocet (that's the sp in case you care!! I had to type it in emails all day long when I worked at the Dr's office!!!)

Keep healing... whatta Christmas!