Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whoops...What Color is My Hair Again?

I'm gonna tell on myself right now.

Today, we went to the zoo with our friends, Jackie, Luke and Natalie. I am very uncomfortable driving over to any part of the west side of town, because I NEVER do. So, I google mapped the directions and away we went. It was going very well, till I over thought it and ended up taking the wrong exit, (instead of merging on to US26, I took the 12th exit) ended up right smack in the middle of downtown and had no idea how to get back to the freeway. It was at this moment, I discovered that my bluetooth headset's battery was dead. So I had to call Ryan on the speaker phone and have him navigate me back to the freeway. So I told him where I was, turned onto Broadway and hit a very bad traffic jam in the right hand lane. I mean, things were just not moving. Ryan had told me that I was going to be taking a right up ahead, so I wanted to stay in the right hand lane. So, I continued to sit in this traffic jam looking up ahead...back to back traffic as far as the eye could see. I couldn't figure out why traffic was flowing so smoothly in the lanes beside me. I was telling Ryan, "I'm in a standstill".
And THEN I happened to look at the ground under the car ahead of me. What were those notches up there? Uh Oh...I looked at the drivers seat...WHAT? No one in it? "Oh man", I said to Ryan, "I've been sitting in front of a string of parked cars".
What an embarrassing thing to admit.
But, I was so befuddled about taking the wrong exit, and then the bluetooth not working, all while trying to navigate around a city that I will never be comfortable driving in.
All's well that ends well though, I made it to the zoo...we had a great time in the cool, crisp sunny fresh air.

Thanks Jackie, thanks for calling and pulling me out of my cave!


Kelly said...

Oh Em! That made me laugh! That is so YOU! Not that I'm calling you dumb, but I know what happens when you get flustered. Weren't we just talking about the ambulance guy?!?

Anonymous said...

Emily Beth - silly girl - it's genetic! Thanks for sharing your story and allowing us in on a humorus moment, we've all got them but you have such a great way of putting it into words! love you! mom :)

rebecca said...

OH that was funny:) I just happened to swing in to see how things were going in your life and this was a great time to do it as I had a good little chuckle. Thanks!

Yankee Wife said...

He, he, he, he. I don't remember you telling me you were late because you were sitting behind parked cars! HA HA HA HA!!! (I can't contain the giggles any longer)! I musta missed that part. That is SO FUNNY! I totally get ya! Seriously the hands free law is so unnerving trying to dial and hang up without any cop seeing it. Really. And driving downtown . . . totally needs all your attention. Luke was yelling at me telling me, "I need music! Music MOM!" All while I was trying to navigate my way from the zoo to PFs. Told him I had to focus on the road and he had to be quiet! Love your story.