Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back On The Market

Monday, I spent all day cleaning and taking pictures for the real estate listing. I thought I'd share some of these with you as I'm kinda proud of the job that we (we is used pretty loosely as I didn't really do much of the work) did on this house.

For the before's you really need "smell-a-vision"
But this room is now Wyatt's bedroom!

Cool huh???
Wanna see some more?

"The Bathroom"

Pictures just don't do how structurally unsafe this room was, I mean, these people were one potty break away from falling through the floor. And I mean that very literally, no exaggerations. In fact, we think they may have been going in their motor home or something...there is just no way.

Anyway, it's pretty narrow, which makes it hard to take pictures of, plus the fact that for the listing it had to be a horizontal picture.

"The Dining Room"

And isn't that desk adorable? I just love it so much!

"The Kitchen"

I wish I had better "before" pictures of this kitchen. Honestly, I really don't think I remember exactly how this kitchen was. I know that we have video of it somewhere...I should dig it up and watch. But, again, if only there was "smell-a-vision", and these cabinets were 1000 times worse than they look, with old food and flies buzzing everywhere.

"The Laundry Room"

This is the room that Ryan was feverishly working to build for me before we moved in. Well, it didn't get done before we moved in but after the move, a week long vacation, Wyatt being sick, me being sick, and Grammy (Ryan's 88 yr old grandma) doing all of our laundry TWICE, it is now in working order. It's not finished yet, we still have baseboards and shelves to put up. The laundry is in the basement which before this room was open to the dank, dark, dirty, smelly old unfinished basement. Now we have a clean place to take our laundry and not a concrete floor. It's going to be so cute when we get it done....he did such a good job.

And this gem...this my friends, is our bedroom. Unfortunately it's been pretty shy lately and un-photogenic, but after a few more touches, it should be ready for it's "after".

BUT, rest assured, the Pepto Bismal pink is gone, that wretched carpet is gone, rusty heater...GONE, and cigarette stained ceiling and walls....GONE.

So, while we have re-listed this back on the market, this little house is really getting comfortable. I don't know what God has in store for us, but if he decides to keep us here, now I know that we'll be able to make it work. It's going to be a challenge and take some creativity to find places for all of the things that come with having a baby in the house, but we will.


huh! said...

you live in that dump? GROSS!

Emily said...

Wow! You guys have done such a great job in such a small space. I can't wait to see the transformation of the Pepto Bismol room.

Alexis said...

wow what a transformation! Bravo! Your house looks adorable!

Melissa said...

Wow. You guys did a lot of work! It looks great!

Kelly said...

It looks great Em! You guys did so much work! I can imagine the smell...

Dana said...

It looks great Em!! You guys have done a fantastic job!!